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1/29/2014 – Get to Know More About LiteSpeed’s Open Source Version

Posted by Jamison on 29 01 2014.

LiteSpeed Technology offers a wide array of server solutions that add functionality for websites. It comes in a wide array of versions designed for specific users or server types. Choosing the right solution guarantees efficient server procedures as designed by professionals.


But aside from the usual LiteSpeed solutions, the company also released OpenLite Speed, the web server’s open source option created for specific users.


What is OpenLiteSpeed?


OpenLiteSpeed is a lightweight HTTP server developed for today’s highly technical server users. Being an open source platform, users are allowed to modify and distribute their own versions of OpenLiteSpeed in accordance to specific licenses. Copyright still falls under the company although modification is allowed.


OpenLiteSpeed features


This solution is lightweight program that guarantees performance when used in servers. It utilizes minimal memory, but with enhanced architecture that assures efficiency at all times. It is compatible with numerous platforms like Apache and works with other server processes.


User interface is also beneficial for website owners because they easy to navigate and use. Rewriting is simpler because of its overall platform.


Why use this solution?


Many people are not aware of what this solution can offer. Even if it’s an open source solution, it still works effectively and works as investment for server users. Since it performs well, it’s optimized and guarantees seamless operations when used in the server.


Architecture is also event-driven, which is vital for every server operation. The last thing a server user wants to experience is malfunctions or instability caused by problematic plugins.


User-friendly features are also the other selling point that makes this solution a remarkable investment for server users. Web admin GUI is also enabled to make navigation easier than the usual.


Supported operating systems


OpenLiteSpeed supports numerous OS types. Although a server user obtains services from a single company, host providers offer different operating systems that meet users’ preferences. It runs on CentOS 5 and 6, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OS X, and Debian. However, it’s important for people to check first their operating system versions to ensure it will run in their OS environment. Naturally, a plugin has numerous components and they are designed to be compatible with specific operating system elements. Various operating systems have their own upgraded components in which OpenLiteSpeed works.


Available support and updates


One of the good things about this solution is that it has numerous upgrades available for users. Support like upgrades is available right on the website. It allows users to take advantage of the latest bug fixes that guarantee perfect operations when used. The system can update automatically or it can be downloaded. Users can also read about the updates on LiteSpeed’s website.


On the other hand, guides in installing and configuration the plugin is also available at the website. Users can read and even adapt several configuration settings as tipped on the page. Developers also have their own groups and pages where they post updates about their own OpenLiteSpeed projects.


OpenLiteSpeed is a great open source solutions for server users and use it for their own operations. Since it’s modifiable, users can build their own version of the platform and use within their servers.


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