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1/28/2015 – Connect Web Disk to Your iPhone

Posted by Jamison on 28 01 2015.

Web disk is a program you can use to handle your website data. It is an easy app designed to help you manage and update your website even if you are on the go. With its mobile capabilities, Web Disk makes it more convenient for web owners to constantly monitor, update, and access their website’s files without the use of a computer.


Web Disk was created by cPanel to provide better service to their clientele. Indeed, it is a very handy tool that all website owners must have. Now, the Web Disk app is available for download for both iOS and android mobile devices. They can be downloaded at iTunes App store and Google Play Store respectively.


How to Install Web Disk to iPhone


First thing you need to do is to access the iTunes App store through your mobile device. Type in the search box “cPanel Web Disk” and then press enter. You will automatically be redirected to the cPanel App. Click the app and download it on your mobile device. Once the download is complete, the start installing it.


How to Set Up Your Web Disk on iPhone


After installing Web Disk on your iPhone, you’ll need to run the program for the first time to set it up so that you can access your website. First, open your Web Disk App. Upon opening the program, you’ll be notified that you do not have any server connections yet. You’ll also be instructed to press your phone’s menu button so that an action selection screen will pop up. Do just that, then select the add server option. After selecting the add server option you will then be asked to provide your site’s information. You’ll be asked to provide your site’s name, domain name, username, and password.


Along with those information you’ll also be asked if you would like to use a secure or non-secure connection. To choose a secure connection, just slide the slider on the right hand side of your screen. This will turn the SSL connection on. Upon completing the required information just tap on the save button located on the upper right side corner of your screen. You’ll then be redirected to a list of files and folders which contains the contents of your website.


Enjoying the Perks of Having a Web Disk


From there, you should be able to access all of your website data. You can also download and upload files through this app as well as record audio files on your mobile devices. This app also enables you to upload freshly captured videos and images from your gadget. It supports different types of file formats like word, excel, pages and numbers. MP4, MP3 and MOV are the type of media files that can be uploaded or downloaded using this software.


This app simply makes it easier for website owners and managers to accomplish several tasks mentioned above. Now you can straightforwardly connect to your website by the use of your iPhone and cPanel Web Disk App even if you are on the move.