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1/28/2014 – Dealing with the Intimidation of Dedicated Servers

Posted by Jamison on 28 01 2014.

Dedicated servers are quite an investment for many website owners. People obtaining these solutions are ideal for expanding their online ventures like building more websites or running other online solutions.


While there are numerous people who can afford dedicated servers, many of them are somehow intimidated of using this server solutions.


The intimidation of dedicated servers


Dedicated servers can intimidate a person because of its specs. It has large disk space, high-end processors, and higher memory module. They are intimidating because one mistake may lead to long-term downtime or damaging the server gravely. They want to manage their own servers, but they can’t put their hands on them.


A managed server is not an option for everyone


This intimidation is somewhat solved because of managed server services. Managed server means getting the server from a company with assigned people doing the maintenance on it daily or at least on regular basis. This saves people the time maintaining their own servers, but it’s not an option for everyone because they tend to be more expensive and with limitations.


With this in mind, people look for tips in keeping themselves intimidated from maintaining their own dedicated servers.


How to be free from worries


Various tips will keep people from worrying about maintaining their servers. The following will be helpful in bringing their confidence in dealing with their investments.


  • Be ready with proper research. Being equipped with the right information keeps a person from being intimidated from maintaining their services. Countless guides are now available online that can prepare people in maintaining their servers.


  • Learn from others’ experience. Many people were able to maintain their servers without aid from professionals. It is important to learn from their experiences. People can post in forums and ask questions about their server maintenance experience.


  • Know the right components in the system. Maintenance is the goal and an effective maintenance is possible for by using the right tools and programs. Know the right programs to use for maintenance and keep them updated at all times. Malware programs will effectively keep your server clean as long as it is updated. Find the most recommended programs and use it for your server.


  • Monitor server regularly.  Prevention is better than cure and you can keep these problems from occurring with consistent monitoring. Using your tools, monitor your server and keep it running with utmost stability.


  • Be confident. Confidence will keep you from worrying if it’s your first time to maintain a dedicated server. Although mistakes may occur along the way and it may cost you more money, keep in mind that this is a part of the learning process.


  • Hire a technical person for maintenance. In case you’re still worried, hiring a professional will do the work for you.  Instead of hiring a professional in managed server service, you can hire an expert who will just do maintenance on schedule for you, which is more affordable than the usual.


Overall, keep yourself from being intimidated in maintaining your dedicated server through these tips. Gearing up with the right information and confidence will let you maintain your server without problems.