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1/27/2015 – FrontPage Removal in cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 27 01 2015.

Microsoft FrontPage is a website administration tool that has the capabilities of creating and editing HTML and WYSIWYG file formats. Since its discontinuation in 2006, websites have been removing them from their cPanel because it is outdated. There were also security concerns that were raised, which in turn has led to withdrawal of cPanel to support the product and advices web owners to uninstall the program.


During cPanel’s update on version 11.46, all FrontPage functions were all wiped out from the system. Thus, those files that were dependent on the extension were no longer able to work. It was advised that website owners turn to WebDAV or FTP to publish their website instead.


Why FrontPage Was Awesome


FrontPage was meant to make publishing websites easy for web administrators. It enabled people to design, create, and publish their sites from the comforts of their own PC. It was literally as easy as working with MS word except that FrontPage had a lot of publishing tools that were not found in MS word. Due to changes in technology Microsoft was forced to stop FrontPage altogether and created a new program in place of it—the Microsoft Web Expressions.


Why is it Important to Remove FrontPage from Your Server?


After being discontinued, a third party company took over the development of FrontPage. However, after a year of development, that third party ceased developing and keeping FrontPage. Hence, the software became a threat in website security because there are suspicious characters that are checking for any loop holes on the outdated software.


How to Uninstall FrontPage Extension


Uninstalling FrontPage extensions is important as they provide security threats. Unless website owners have a valid reason to do so, then it is advised that all FrontPage extensions in cPanel be uninstalled. Being a security threat, most of its functions will no longer work as they are no longer supported in any apache version.


Uninstalling the extension for specific users or for all users in the server is easy. All you have to do is to go to your cPanel account. From there, scroll down and find the “Advanced” menu tab. Look for the FrontPage extension icon and click it. After that, a page containing a list of websites which contains the FrontPage Extension will appear.


On that list contains the domain names, the extension’s status and options to either reinstall or uninstall the extensions. To uninstall the extension just click on the uninstall option. The extension will then proceed with the uninstallation process. After that a message will prompt if the installation is successful or not. Just go back to the previous menu after uninstalling the extension. Upon getting back to the previous menu, you will notice that the options have changed. Instead of Reinstall and Uninstall options, you will see that the new options are now Install and Clean Up Old Extension options. Cleaning up old extension will delete all files related to the uninstalled extension and correct any errors that may occur after the uninstallation process.