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1/27/2014 – Tips for Application Marketing

Posted by Jamison on 27 01 2014.

Countless people utilize cPanel for their websites, which prompted developers to build programs designed for the platform. Fortunately, cPanel is there to provide developers all their needed resources to create applications that work seamlessly with the platform.


Marketing is the key


What makes developers going is producing their own applications is being able to sell them accordingly. The most challenging of marketing programs is by finding people who will get their solutions. Selling the program to consumers is a hurdle, but the challenge becomes more difficult in finding business-to-business contacts. They want to find developers creating applications that actually sell for revenue and promoting efficiency for their clients.


Professional tips from cPanel


cPanel, a leading name in the online world, knows the ins and outs of the business that’s why it provides tips in promoting applications. Its professional tips will surely be helpful for every developer wishing to make it big in the industry. The following are some of the tips from these professionals:


  • Do away with fluffs. It’s best to be direct to the point instead of beating the bush. Remember that potential clients, especially businesses, don’t want to waste time listening to long stories. Build the story and keep it short, but full of information that they actually need.


  • Engage them with short case studies and statistical analytics. By presenting these details, the developer will engage to the story instead of diverting their eyes with all the technical reports that don’t really matter. Remember that they need facts and not long-winding stories. Educate them without spending a lot of time. At this point, discuss technicalities like security, functionality and installation and updates. They want to know how it will work for everyone using the program.


  • Highlight benefits. The reports and technical details are facts that educate the listeners. However, these reports don’t necessarily highlight benefits. Give them a short talk, again direct to the point, about the advantages the programs bring.


  • Impress executives. Keep in mind that you’re not only marketing to technical engineers. Introducing the product to technical engineers requires jargons even in shorter reports. However, marketing to executives require business talks and show them how it will work for them in terms of revenue and cutting down time.


  • Tap to marketing teams and other executives. Impressing the executives is just the start and developers must reach out to more marketing people. It will be best to design a good marketing campaign for them to increase support and drag their support for the application.


Consumers are different


In marketing to consumers, it’s all about building a fan base or followers. Developers can do this by offering demo or trial to give them a feel of the application. Social media also works because it bridges the connection between consumers and the developers. They can provide updates through social media pages, websites and blogs.


Overall, marketing application is easy as long as the developers will follow the right tips. Take advantage of these tips to ensure it will reach and work for the best client.