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12/31/2013 – Keeping Your cPanel Data Safe

Posted by Jamison on 31 12 2013.

Building a website involves a lot of hard work. Make sure people out there cannot steal any of your data, destroy any part of your site or disrupt it in any way. A good security system is a must for any good webhosting and management tool, and webhosting tools don’t get any better than cPanel.


So what can you do to secure your data and your website?


Protect your directories


Start at the most basic; provide protection for your folders. Choose the Security section and click on the Password Protect Directories icon. Pick a folder to secure, name that directory then click “save”.


Go back to the previous page. Under Create User, enter a username and password. Then click on “add/modify authorized user. Password-protected folders should have a lock icon.


Block harmful IP addresses


What if you have to protect your site from one or more IP addresses that may cause harm or abuse? Choose the IP Deny Manager. Click on the icon and enter the IP address or domain of the address you want to ban then click the add button.


Blocked IP addresses can also be unblocked here if you change your mind.


Prevent hotlinking


When another site embeds data or content on your site to theirs this is called hotlinking. This can be a strain on your bandwidth. Prohibit hotlinking by clicking on the Hotlink Protection icon and clicking the enable button.


However, if you do want another site to be able to hotlink to yours enter their URL addresses in the box under “URLs to allow access:” If you still want to enforce limited hotlinking, you can specify what files can’t be touched.


You can also allow for redirections to specific URL addresses. If you have made changes to this page, make sure click the submit button.


Pull out the leechers


Leeching happens when users publicly post their login information to any restricted area of your site. To enable the Leech Protect feature, click on the icon and click which folder and the directory you want to protect. You can set the maximum allowed number of logins per username within a two-hour period. Detected leechers can also be redirected to a site of your choosing out of the leech-protected area.


You can set an alert function to report via email to you whenever leeching is detected. From this page you can also disable compromised accounts.


Protect sensitive data


Hackers are out for login data while other more shady characters want credit card numbers, don’t let them get this information from your website.  The SSL/TSL manager makes sure this does not happen.


To generate a security key click on the SSL/TSL manager icon and click on “Private Key”. Select your domain and key size then click the generate button.


Go back to the previous page for Certificate Signing Request from an SSL provider. Complete the form then click the generate button. Your key can now be used to obtain third-party SSL certificates.


Those are just some of the security features of cPanel. Don’t take chances with your website data and get protection only from the best webhosting and management tool available.