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12/30/2014 – Managing Your Databases in phpMyAdmin

Posted by Jamison on 30 12 2014.

While cPanel or Plesk is used to create databases, it is phpMyAdmin that can drop databases, alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement and export data into various formats.


Note that you can only access phpMyAdmin from within cPanel or Plesk. The icon in cPanel says phpMyAdmin while the icon in Plesk says Webadmin.


How to manage a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin


  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Go to the Databases section and click the phpMyAdmin icon.
  3. Choose a database from the left corner.
  4. If no tables are found create a new table by entering data under Create a new table on database (table name and how many fields it should have).
  5. Press Enter.


This table should contain website users and should have two fields (columns), one for a username and the other for an email address.


6. Enter the required variables for each field.
7. Press Enter to create this table.


You can import this data into a pre-existing table by pressing the Import button on the above right side of the page.


Common phpMyAdmin errors in cPanel


Accessing errors


If you try to access a database through a dependent cPanel phpMyAdmin, you will get an error that goes:


“This feature is not available while logged in with root override. You are logged in with the root, or reseller’s password. Please login with this user’s account password”


This is because by default you will be logged into WHM. To resolve this, you will have to log out of root, and log into the individual cPanel.


Those using a dedicated servers can access a ‘root’ phpMyAdmin (WHM -> MySQL -> phpMyAdmin) that will access all databases on your server.


When you try to enter your phpMyAdmin via cPanel (cPanel -> MySQL -> phpMyAdmin) you might be greeted by this error that goes:


#2002 – The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server’s socket is not correctly configured)


When this happens, call your webhosting service provider so they can restart MySQL.


Tables missing. No tables found in the database


Sometime you will not be able to see your tables. If this happens, be sure that you have entered a database that does have tables currently in its structure as this will cause conflict.


Databases are not created with any tables if these are manually generated with the use of the MySQL Databases section of the cPanel.


If you want to import information into a database just follow these instructions:


  1. Open phpMyAdmin.
  2. Select Structure tab at the left side of the second topmost menu.
  3. When you see the name of table you want to locate, click the first icon under Action, this should read Browse.


PHPMyAdmin only showing a login screen


If you are brought to a login page for phpMyAdmin after you click on the phpMyAdmin button in your cPanel, and that login page doesn’t go away, that means an error. The main cause of this is your MySQL and cPanel passwords have become unsynchronized. This can usually be resolved by simply changing your cPanel password.