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12/24/2013 – Handling Your Mail in cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 24 12 2013.

One reason why many website owners choose cPanel is the ease and flexibility with which they can handle their emails accounts. With the Email accounts feature of cPanel, any website owner can create new email accounts or delete them, change passwords on existing accounts, change the mailbox size, run Outlook and auto-configure the local email client, among others.


Many of its features also save you the time otherwise spent checking your email for spam, deleting those emails or replying to some mail you received.


Dealing with spam and unwanted email


Spam is not just annoying; some can be dangerous, carrying viruses that can disrupt your site. Here are some of the other mail features that can help you deal with unwanted email:


SpamAssassin – With just a click you can activate SpamAssassin to check through the header and body of your emails for telltale signs of spam mail and delete them. No need for you to look through them one by one and risk opening any of them.


User-level filtering – When it’s not just spam you want to keep out of your inbox, enable this feature to filter email for certain parameters like the origin of the email, subject, reply address, body, header, other recipients and others. If any undesirable emails are found, you can choose to either, discard, redirect, stop processing rules, deliver to a particular folder or program. You can designate particular actions for a particular parameter.


Email authentication – How can you tell that an email is really from its reported sender? You can’t, but this feature can. This feature will let you sign through DomainKeys Identified Mail to make sure you are getting email from where they are supposed to be sent. You can also set it to block emails from certain IP addresses.


Have the data you want


Having a good email system is not just about keeping unwanted email out, you also want to monitor what is coming and going.


  • Mail Delivery Route. This feature solves possible problems on email transmission by allowing you to trace the full path an email will take when transferring from the local server to the remote email address. It also allows you to search through the path taken by a previously sent email.


  • Email archiving. Keep track of what you have been receiving or sending recently. Archived messages will be stored under the mail directory in the user’s home directory.


Sometimes you really don’t have the time to handle your email, let these programs take over:


  • Forwarders. Do you want to automatically forward email sent to your domain to another email address, or to another domain? Simply set this up to do those tasks. cPanel also allows you to assign domains to all your email accounts.


  • Auto responders. No need to personally reply to every email you get. This feature allows your website to immediately reply to a message after you get it. It can also create an automatic response to no reply accounts. You can also set it up to create customized responses for the more special senders.


Those were just some of the features. Choose cPanel as your web hosting tool for better mail management options and more time saved.