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1/22/2014 – cPanel & WHM 11.40

Posted by Jamison on 22 01 2014.

cPanel introduce the modern age networking by releasing its control panel and WHM version 11.40. Currently available on Stable tier, its improvements will certainly benefit every website owner, developer and host provider.


New generation networking means unleashing powered up features. It comes with the following features cPanel users will find useful.


IPv6 support


The cyberworld arises as today’s arena for business competitions. According to cPanel’s study, the internet world is expected to hold more than 20 billion devices. Nonetheless, the allotted IPv4 addresses, the internet protocol widely used today, count is only around four billion. It means that it will only take a matter of time before the IPv4 supple will be consumed. Lack of IPv4 addresses means disruption of content delivery through servers.


Fortunately, IPv6 has been developed to meet the demand of the forecasted tight competition. Knowing that cPanel supports IPv6 places confidence to its users, especially if they are resellers and shared hosting companies.


Aside from supporting IPv6, 11.40 also as dual-stacked IPv6 support. It lets users to add IPv6 to their accounts and revert to IPv4 in case their servers don’t support it.


1:1 NAT


Advancements offer new hosting environments for today’s cyberworld personalities. With this feature, cPanel becomes a platform that supports multitudes of cloud hosting solutions like vCloud, EC2 and VMWare. Utilizing these hosting solutions means expandability for hosts regardless of their sizes.


API shell


APIs are crucial in seamless software operation through proper interaction in between components. Through API shell, users will learn about API calls and their interaction. Learning about API codes will teach them about troubleshooting and ensure essential programs will work flawlessly. Understanding the system and its behaviors give users more control on their platforms.


Security Advisor


Security is king for every website and server owner. The concept of security is more than just identifying malware attacks. It’s also about identifying server inconsistencies, something many server users experience today. The availability of Security Advisor will detect and alert users about misconfigurations, outdated systems, and other problems that can be fixed. This feature will also report about the problem’s severity and the right way to solve the issue. Tracing and fixing the problem at its cause ensure flawless performance at all times.


Website Editor


HTML is a standard used for today’s website development. cPanel wishes to make HTML creation and editing as easy as possible by launching the website editor with 11.40. The platform offers WYSIWYG functions and interface, giving way to effective and efficient website editing. It allows users to access HTML documents under the file manager.


Session Generator


Creating sessions is crucial in using cPanel-compliant applications. Nevertheless, sharing passwords becomes an issue for the site’s security. cPanel keeps system administrators from worrying with its session generator, which creates temporary sessions to use these applications minus password sharing in between users.


Without a doubt, cPanel & WHM 11.40 brings a lot of features on the table. It deals with the modern demands of today’s website owners, developers and hosts while ensuring efficient performance at all times.