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12/19/2013 – Creating a cPanel Account in WHM

Posted by Jamison on 19 12 2013.

WHM (Web Host Manager) is one of the most recognized web-based tools used by server administrators today. It is also a reseller of cPanel, currently the most-used website creation and webhosting management tool in the market today.


So how do you create a cPanel account with WHM?


Open WHM and look at the left-side panel for the Account Functions Menu. Under that list, click the Create a New Account button. This should take you to a new display.


The first box of this page is the Domain Information section. Enter the domain for the cPanel account to use. Enter a password, make sure to follow all the rules in making one, i.e. no using “password” or birthdates. A generate password option is also available for you.


Type the email address for the account.


The next box will be for packages. Choose a package from the drop menu or select manually. It is advisable to choose the manual option at this time. Click on the Save Options Manually box.


Enter a name for the package then select the use default option on the feature list.


Below this box is the one for Manual Resource Options. There should be several options with blanks beside them; these options are for Disk Space, Bandwidth limit, Max FTP accounts, Max email accounts, Max mailing lists, Max SQL base, Max subdomain, Max parked domains and Max add-on domains.


All their blanks will have the “unlimited” option, however this is not viable for all options.


It would be better to set a limit on your disk space; it is advisable to set this to 4 gigabytes. However, you can always increase this value whenever you want.


Set the bandwidth limit to 40GB.


Have the same figures for max FTP and max email accounts, or a lower figure for the former.


Limit the max mailing lists to keep resource usage down.


Set a single figure limit for max SQL database.


Set max subdomain to unlimited, this should be the only option set to that option.


Set max parked domains to three.


Set max add-on domains to two.


The next box will be for Settings. Click the box marked Dedicated IP if you want do dedicate an IP address to be used only by this account.


For the smaller cPanel packages, it is recommended to disable the box for shell access for security reasons.


Disable Front Page extensions, since this service has been discontinued since 2006.


Enable the option for CGI access.


Choose your cPanel theme and language.


Below this is the box for Reseller Settings, enable reseller privileges if you want those privileges for this account.


Click the box below if you want then to modify their own account. This box will only appear if you chose to have reseller privileges.


Below this box is the one for DNS settings. It contains options for your nameserver use and DNS zones.


Click the Create button and wait for a few minutes while the new account is being created.


Once ready, the new display will show your cPanel preferences. You are now ready to use your cPanel account.