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12/18/2013 – Common cPanel Issues and Fixes

Posted by Jamison on 18 12 2013.

Have you been using cPanel for some time now and come across some issues?

Here are some common cPanel issues and their quick fixes.


How to make backups


Backing up your website is always a good idea. One way to create a backup of your site is to do this with CodeGuard. Go to the Files section of cPanel and click on the CodeGuard icon.


Choose which plan you want then enter your name and email address.


Click on the Add FTP site button. Supply the information asked for, then click on the Connect Website button.


After the account has been verified, choose the directory to back up. Then click on the Capture Code button.


CodeGuard will now be activated for your account. After the backup is created the program will inform you by sending you an email notification.


Dealing with the database import/ export error


Sometimes in importing and exporting databases in cPanel, users come across an error saying “Access denied create database db_name”.


To import a database via PHPMyAdmin, log in to cPanel, go to the Databases section and click PHPMyAdmin.


Select the database you need import to then click the “Import” tab above.


Click “Browse’ and find the .sql file from your computer, click “Go” to import it into the database. You should receive a notification it was successfully imported.


To export a database, select the database that you need to export then click on the “Export” tab above. Choose the format of the file from drop menu drop-down menu in ‘Format’ and click “Go”.


So how do you deal with the “Access denied create database db_name” error?


To fix this: Open the dump of your database using any text editor (like Notepad or WordPad) and look for the line: CREATE DATABASE (your database name) and delete it. Save it and import it using the instructions above.


Remember that only databases of 50MB or smaller can be imported/exported in PHPMyAdmin. Larger databases require SSH.


How to change MX records in cPanel


Perhaps you would like email for your website to go to another address? Go to the Mail section and click the MX Entry icon.


Choose the domain name you’d like to work with from the drop-down menu. Go to the “Email Routing” section.


Check the “Local Mail Exchanger” option only if you want to point your domain’s MX records to the server your domain is on, but if you want a third-party email server to handle that check “Remote Mail Exchanger”.


If you chose this option you will have to indicate the MX records to use. Go to “Add New Record” section and leave “Priority” at zero then enter the address of the serve that should handle all the email in the “Destination” field.


Click the Change button to save the changes.


For other problems, turn to the online community. This is one of the advantages of cPanel; because many people are using this program, you can be assured other users will find ways to get around problems and issues. After all, not everything can be taught in manuals or instructional videos.