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12/17/2013 – Basic cPanel Editing

Posted by Jamison on 17 12 2013.

If you are new to cPanel, here is how to edit text and add photos on an already existing website. You might be asking how you put up a website without even learning this; that is irrelevant for now. After all, you could have bought a website from someone, or a friend gave you permission to practice your cPanel skills on his website.


For whatever reason, here is some basic cPanel text editing.


Basic cPanel text editing


Type your web address in the main search window and add “/cpanel”. It should look something like this: http://(your web address).com/cpanel


Enter your cPanel username and password. You will be taken to main menu screen with options


Choose File Manager then click the “public_html” folder


Pick any file to edit then click. From here you can edit the text of the page in two ways.


The first is through html. Choose “edit file” from a list on the upper right hand corner. This will automatically open an html menu of the text on that page. If you are familiar with HTML you can start editing from here, although it might be confusing for those not familiar with it.


An easier way to edit text is via html editor. Go back to the upper right hand list, select HTML Editor, and click.


The page you asked for earlier will load.


You can now type text directly on to this page like you would with WordPad. You can also set font, make it bold or in italics. Set font color and basic WordArt. And of course, smileys!


The toolbar will have basic editing options like spellcheck and paragraph adjustments like indents. You can also make lines and divisions, specifying length, width and color.


How to put an image in your website


The option to insert an image or video is among those available at the top of the toolbar. Click “Inset/Edit Image” then wait while it searches for directories. Go to where the image you want is stored on your server.


Select the image and it will appear in shortly.


Remember that you do not have drag and drop functionality. It will appear where your cursor stopped, but you can align it left, right or center as if it were a paragraph and also adjust its size by dragging on the sides or edges.


Linking the image to a website


You can link any image to any webpage. First select the image, go to the toolbar. Choose “Insert/Edit Hyperlink”.


A window will open. Type the URL address on the space right of the URL: option.


Options below will ask if you want the site to open in the same window, a new window, a parent window or top window.


After you have made your choice, click the Insert button.


To save changes you have made to the page, click on the Save button on the top left side of the toolbar.


Beside that is the button to cancel the changes, be sure not to mix them up.


That’s it. You have just learned the basics of editing text and photos with cPanel. Practice and experimentation will further improve your skill.