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12/13/2013 – A Rundown of Available cPanel Plugins

Posted by Jamison on 13 12 2013.

As a website creation and management tool, cPanel itself already has many features. However, with the ideas for websites endlessly improving and the constant need for websites to adapt to the changing times, there’s always the need for more innovations.


This is where cPanel add-ons and plugins come in. Some add-ons enhance the performance of features already in cPanel while others provide totally new content or services. What are some of the add-ons for cPanel available for webhosts and website owners today?




Joomla! is an open-source Content Management Systems. What a CMS software does is to keep track of and store all the elements of your website like simple text, photos, music, video, documents. It’s like having a library for all the content relevant to your website.


You can also use Joomla! to build websites and complex online applications.


The best thing about Joomla! is that you don’t need to be an in-depth computer expert to be able to use it. It’s easy to install, understand and manage.




If you want to build your own dating site, social networking site, web community or any network with more than one user then you might want to give this open-source software a look.


The Dolphin Smart Community builder has all the features of scripts for the sites you want to build. This and other features like video chat, video recorder, video player, forums, groups, events, video messenger, mailbox, video sharing and photo sharing.


It does not matter if you want to build a business or just want to build networks, Dolphin will help make the process of setting them up easy.


AfterLogic WebMail Pro


Feel like you can use more help in sorting out and handling your mail? The WebMail Pro can easily manage your mail for you. It’s easy to install, use and manage and the interface is designed to cut down on clutter and be light on the eyes.


The admin web panel is designed to display only the settings that matter. It has a drag-and-drop functionality that eliminates the need for opening multiple pages just to move files.


The entire program requires very little CPU usage and even large emails will leave small memory footprints.


cPanel Bulk Password Changer


Sometimes you have to change your password. Don’t go through a tiresome, lengthy process and let cPanel Bulk Password Changer do the work for you.


Bulk Password Changer can change email passwords and account password in one easy step, it does not matter if you want to change the passwords of all email accounts in your server, the email accounts of selected domains, any email account specified in a file, any cPanel account in your server or specified file or any password in any domain.




Speed up your DNS service with this program. Rackpanel reduces the need for you to constantly mind your DNS server so you can focus your attention somewhere else. This software can also help ease data migration by automatically moving your zones from WHM to Rackspace.


These are just many of the current add-ons available for cPanel. You can be sure that constant innovations will create new ones in the future.