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12/12/2013 – Why Website Owners Should Take Advantage of cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 12 12 2013.

Webmasters do not always have extensive knowledge about running a website. Often, they are just the website owners and uses certain administration tools to manage the website. They aren’t really website designers nor website developers.


Taking Advantage of cPanel Hosting


Many small businesses today want to limit their expenses and opt to be their own webmasters. Well, this isn’t really hard to do especially with the help of web host control panel tools like cPanel. cPanel is widely used by webmasters all over the world. It’s simple, easy to learn and can do a great deal of tasks without breaking a sweat.


cPanel has grown to become the preferred choice of website owners today because of its functionality and ease of use. Moreover, cPanel is compatible with several web browsers, which makes it easy for the webmaster to tweak and modify its website. It’s easy to install scripts, manage domains, email accounts and practically everything else needed to operate a website smoothly.


Stability and Features


The cPanel web hosting service is popular for its stability. Webmasters also like that the cPanel control panel is rich in features that makes it easy for any person to run a website without much fuss. Imagine, a small business owner can just assign an employee to check traffic details, adjust bandwidth, manage domains and so on by using cPanel only. cPanel gives the user full control and flexibility.


Site Maintenance


Webmasters need only one website administration tool to do a complete site maintenance and that’s cPanel. cPanel allows the user to create manual and automated backups, organize error pages, monitor web directories and disk space and etc. It’s so flexible that webmasters can perform any given task to maintain a site properly and successfully.


Managing Emails


When you get cPanel web hosting service, managing emails is no longer a hassle. Regardless of how many accounts you have, the cPanel email management allows you to easily create auto responders, sign domains to email accounts and create spam filters.


Backup Creation


In running a website, creating backups is always a must. But sometimes, it can be easy to forget with all the things a webmaster has to do. cPanel helps webmasters create regular backups of your site. Backup creation can be scheduled if preferred. The user can also choose to create a backup for all the parts or just pick out specific ones.




As a webmaster, you’d want to make sure that your site is doing well and you can do this by monitoring statistical data. Many webmasters do not have a clue on how to get started with stats but with cPanel, data are spoon fed. Users can check the website traffic, site ranking and analyze the overall user experience. The information will help webmasters improve the website as well as the business performance.


cPanel has a comprehensive design but there are no complex commands and instructions to be able to maximize its usage. cPanel provides full control, stability and functionality unlike any other web management tool out there.