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12/12/2011 – Round-the-clock cPanel Server Monitoring is here!

Posted by Jamison on 12 12 2011.

It is a bright, sunny morning and you have just arrived at work when you are informed by a member of tech support that the servers hiccuped sometime during the night and failed to go back online. Almost every phone in your business is ringing with confused and irate clients calling wanting to know why their websites have been offline for the past six hours. Your IT supervisor has also just informed you that it will take two to three hours to return your network back to normal capacity. Why is this happening, you question. You lack the budget to have a system administrator on location 24/7/365. However, you cannot afford to have the system down and alienate your clients either. There must be some way to avoid this from happening again.

What is Server Monitoring?

Server monitoring is a service that BuycPanel offers that can avoid a similar scenario as was mentioned in the preceding section. The BuycPanel server monitoring service ensures that your servers are monitored 24/7/365 and will notify you, or someone you designate if there are any problems with your servers. These notices are delivered either by email or by SMS.

What is included in Server Monitoring?

Your servers are not only monitored for uptime, they are also monitored for global availability. A few of services that are included in the BuycPanel server-monitoring package is included here.


  • Support for multiple protocols
  • Notification of downtime
  • The addition of a “Live Status Report” for your website
  • In the event of downtime, a reboot request will be automatically sent to your provider
  • Reports on uptime and performance that are easy to read
  • The elimination of false alarms
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Free data migration from another server monitoring service
  • The simplicity of accessibility through your web browser

Why should you purchase server monitoring from BuycPanel?

To be perfectly frank, should the above situation ever happen to you or to your business, the loss in client confidence in your capability to deliver a robust, reliable, secure, network for them to host their websites, then you would likely struggle to regain their trust – if you could. We do not say this to be fearful. We say this because the above scenario either has probably happened or has almost happened to at least one of you who are reading this.

Do not place your business – your livelihood, in the hands of fate. Instead, let BuycPanel monitor your server network so you can focus on what you do best – providing the best web hosting packages in the industry.


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