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12/12/2011 – Litespeed and cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 12 12 2011.

Your webhosting business relies on every component of your system architecture to function at its peak. This means that you not only rely on your system administrators to take care of your servers, you also rely on the available technology products that have the capability to perform the tasks they were designed.


Most webhosts who have deployed Linux on their servers use the tried and proven Apache to provide the foundation for their systems. While Apache does serve a valuable purpose, there is another powerful option available – Litespeed.

What is Litespeed?

Simply stated, Litespeed serves a very similar function as Apache. However, depending on whether the connection is SSL, Litespeed is betweeen nine times and three times faster than Apache. There is also no problem with migrating from Apache to Litespeed, as the two platforms are interchangeable.

What are the benefits of Litespeed?

One of the first questions that many people have when a comparison between Apache and Litespeed takes place is why they should switch platforms. While it is true that Litespeed and Apache share many similarities, the Litespeed platform is superior due to its performance and scalability.

A few of the features that make Litespeed an excellent choice for your server needs include:


  • Superb support for Ruby on Rails
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic PHP setup
  • Apache compatible rewrite engine
  • Mod_Security compatibility
  • Zero down time
  • Automatic updates
  • Ease of migration from other servers
  • MS FrontPage Server Extension
  • Instant recovery from failures
  • SSL, IPv4, and IPv6
  • Compatible with cPanel
  • Secure and scalable
  • Excellent choice for shared hosting environments
  • Ability to apply changes as needed without interruption

While it has already been noted, it is worth reiterating that Litespeed and cPanel are 100% compatible, and work seamlessly together. This is an important notation as cPanel is the most popular site configuration and management software for your servers.

When selecting a foundation to run your servers, you have to have not only the features in mind, but also the security of your servers. Litespeed meets those security needs by including:


  • A strict http request validation
  • Any buffer over-run attempts are denied
  • Anti-DDos
  • Prevention of system overload
  • Chroot web server process
  • Virtual host chroot
  • And more

Litespeed can also coexist on your existing Apache platform while serving as a content accelerator, compression proxy, or security guard. Overall, Litespeed is a viable alternative or addition to your webhosting environment.


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