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12/12/2011 – Installatron and cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 12 12 2011.

Operating a successful webhosting company requires skill, expertise, and at times a stubborn determinedness to succeed. Of course having proven tools available that allow your support team to service, your clients’ needs helps too.


Web users have become more demanding in what they expect when they visit your clients’ websites, and your clients have become more demanding in the tools and services they expect from you. It seems that everyone wants a job completed, and those jobs are expected to be completed immediately, if not sooner.


Providing applications for your clients to install for their customers has become critical due to the amount of time that can be involved during the installation process. Of course, there are also more neophytes who desire their own websites and require more direction than those who have the education and experience in this field. This is where your installation package for client applications can play a key role in your daily routine. One such installation package is Installatron.

What is Installatron?

Installatron is a server-side application that once installed on your server provides your clients’ customers with the ability to install a variety of applications with just a few mouse clicks. Installatron works seamlessly with your existing cPanel installation, is hosted entirely on your server, and is also RVSkin compatible.

What are some features of Installatron?

Once you have purchased your Installatron license and it is installed on your servers, your clients will be able to enjoy a variety of available features. We have listed a few of these features here for you to review.


Installatron is compatible with

  • cPanel/WHM
  • cPanel Enkompass
  • Direct Admin
  • Plesk Linux/Free BSD/UNIX
  • Plesk Windows
  • InterWorx
  • Kloxo/LxAdmin

Installatron allows your clients to install applications such as blogs, photo galleries, forums, and billing, etc. It also allows clients to backup, restore, and uninstall their installations with ease.

Other Installatron benefits include:

  • Zero maintenance
  • Access control
  • Upgrade options
  • White-label and re-branding options
  • Control panel for resellers
  • Migration assistance
  • Extendable
  • Complete documentation
  • Administrative features
  • Many more

Why should you use Installatron?

Before you purchase your Installatron license, be sure to review a side-by-side comparison between Installatron and its nearest competitors, Fantastico and Softaculous. It is easy to see that Installatron has the advantage in every detail. Installatron has been providing solutions to webhosting businesses since 1994, and the benefits of Installatron greatly exceed those of its competitors.

After you purchase your Installatron license, if you are uncomfortable with performing the installation yourself, contact your customer service representative who will schedule a remote installation from our location. It is just another advantage for when you purchase your cPanel and Installatron license from


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