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12/12/2011 – How to Offer Virtual Hosting

Posted by Jamison on 12 12 2011.

Virtual hosting, or shared hosting as it is often referred, is a product that has allowed many web-hosting companies to achieve greater ROI on their server space. This has been achieved by essentially dividing each server into partitions, with each partition representing a client’s allocated space for them to store files, maintain databases, and otherwise operate their websites.

As has been the case for some time, technology advances and gives the web hosts more tools to use so as to provide their clients with greater accessibility, scalability, and affordability. A more recent innovation in the web hosting industry is known as Virtual Private Server (VPS).

What is a VPS?

A VPS set up is essentially shared hosting with a twist. A VPS client is essentially software bound to an allocated space on the server. This “Virtual Machine” is programmed to operate as if it is allotted the entire server, when the reality is that its space is similar to a partition on other shared server set-ups.

How do I manage a Virtual Host?

While there are many system administrative techniques to manage a virtual host, two of the commonly used tools are SolusVM and cPanel.

What are SolusVM and cPanel?

SolusVM is a virtual server manager that allows the system administrators to monitor and manage the virtual host environment that has been deployed. Some of the features of SolusVM include

  • Multiple virtual server management
  • Monitor bandwidth, memory and disk usage
  • The ability to reboot with system admin support
  • VNC access
  • Change hostname, root password, and VNC/console password
  • Set reverse DNS
  • The implementation of reseller features
  • Many more

cPanel combines with Web Host Manager (WHM) to provide a web hosting control package that includes many features. Among those features are

  • Customer account setup and management (WHM)
  • Installation of web-based applications such as blogs, forums, etc. (cPanel)
  • Install programming language modules and applications (WHM)
  • Protecting a site’s bandwidth (cPanel)
  • Data backup (cPanel)
  • Email management (cPanel)
  • Video tutorials (cPanel)
  • cPanel updates (WHM)
  • Create web hosting plans (WHM)
  • Grant users shell access (WHM)
  • FTP management (cPanel)
  • Many more

Why should I offer virtual hosting to my clients?

Virtual hosting bridges the gap between traditional shared hosting and a dedicated server in that a virtual server runs its own operating system and functions as an independent server as far as the VPS is concerned. This is what makes this package so attractive to many companies and individuals who require more control over their server space than what a normal shared hosting package will allow. That is, the client needs to install software that is specific to their needs, and before virtual hosting was offered, these clients would have had to upgrade to a dedicated server.

Thus, virtual hosting is a solution that not only affords your clients with added flexibility; it also allows the web host owner to maximize the use of their available equipment.


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