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1/21/2014 – Cheap Dedicated Hosting: Is There Such a Thing?

Posted by Jamison on 21 01 2014.

Dedicated servers possess all the necessary resources that will run several websites as well as online operations of a high-end company. The term means that only one user will utilize the resources, ensuring efficient performance at all times.


Despite its high caliber resources and superb performance, a dedicated server is not an option for everyone because of its price. A single user means shouldering all the price paid in shared server solutions.


Cheap Dedicated Server


Dedicated server prices range from $100 and up depending on the type of resources used like processors and memory. Hence, people ask if finding cheap dedicated server is possible.


The truth is finding a more affordable dedicated server is possible depending on the user’s budget and the amount of time spent in researching for server providers.


The user’s budget is a consideration


Most of the time, the expensive prices can turn off future server owners immediately. Setting a budget right at the beginning will help customers spend within what they can afford. If a customer has around $100 to $150 to spend on dedicated servers, then it will be the cheapest price possible. They will be done in no time when it comes to searching for dedicated server.


However, a client who may not have such amount to spend monthly on a hosting server needs to conduct extensive research online.


Proper research bears fruit


Researching for affordable dedicated servers is like shopping for items on bargain. It will allow consumers to compare prices before settling for a service provider. A client can look for different server providers and see how much they offer for their services. After finding several service providers, shoppers will start comparing prices and choose the best company that suits their price range.


Throughout the research process, they will discover all the potential options that will save them money and still give them high-end resources than shared servers.


Discounted rates on occasion


One of the good things about researching is it gives way to stumbling upon discounted dedicated server prices. Some server providers offer their services at cheaper prices due to the season or special offers from the company. Several companies offer these solutions at a price as promotions and attract more clients.


Discounted rates with lesser resources


Dedicated servers come with single, dual or quad core processors. Higher resources mean rates that are more expensive. Some companies tweak their servers to have lesser resources compared to others. Lesser resources will work for some companies that don’t require high-end solutions. Since they already lowered the resources, they will also lessen the price and make it more affordable for their consumers.


The good thing about these resources is providers only lower the processors, memory and disk spaces. They still offer superb customer service, which is crucial for everyone investing on a server.


Overall, dedicated server at a price is still possible with the right research and price comparison. Future server users will experience the same efficiency and security offered by this high-end server type, which makes expansion much easier than expected.