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12/11/2013 – cPanel and Your VPS Servers

Posted by Jamison on 11 12 2013.

Managing VPS servers is not supposed to be easy. There are several servers to monitor and on top of that, there’s quite a number of tasks to be done as well. Usually, it will take a qualified and trained  professional to do the job but not anymore. cPanel for VPS servers offer a more convenient way of managing servers and the website itself.


For Website Management


cPanel web management software is a tool that is specifically designed to help users manage their website easily and conveniently. The program is easy to install. The highlight of cPanel is the ease of use that it offers. It doesn’t require a professional to operate the program. The cPanel software can help users with email account creation, email account modification, spamming filter, changing passwords, security configurations, website installation, web traffic monitoring and many more.


For Website Statistics


cPanel enables the user to monitor web statistics particularly web traffic from a daily to yearly basis. Webmasters can learn a great deal of information about the incoming traffic like where the visitor is located, how the site was accessed, browser and search engine used and the number of traffic. This information will help webmasters adjust their marketing techniques according to the web traffic they are targeting.


For File Management


cPanel for VPS is made easy with its File Manager. It uses MySQL to make managing the database simple and easy. Installation of applications and managing domains are made simple. The File Manager can also create and manage sub domains. Included in the tasks of the File Manager is uploading and extracting files. The Web Disk features allow the user to drag and drop files. For file transfer, the user can still use the traditional way of uploading like FTP.


For Anti-Spam and Backups


When managing a number of websites, receiving emails is a concern. The anti-spam feature of cPanel for VPS helps segregate the spam mails from the important ones. Further, cPanel has its own backup creator that can backup the entire cPanel account.


cPanel for VPS is Easy and Reliable


Large businesses want to run their servers and websites as efficiently as possible. When it comes to VPS, most large businesses preferred to get an unmanaged web hosting services so they can have full control of the server and website. By assigning an employee, they can manage every part of the server and immediately see what needs changing.


It is for this reason that large business owners look for a web hosting service and control panel that is both easy to use and reliable. The interface of cPanel is graphical and vibrant making it easy to navigate. The menu is icon-based so the user can just click on the icons to perform a specific task. cPanel complies with any operating system.


cPanel is a forerunner in the web hosting control panel market because users find it highly reliable for their VPS servers. cPanel is reliable in making security configurations that limits the access of files and servers. Further, cPanel comes with security tools that helps in protecting the servers and accounts. All in all, cPanel is just the best out there.