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12/10/2013 – How cPanel Can Benifit Your Site

Posted by Jamison on 10 12 2013.

It is not unusual that website owners don’t know much about the technicalities of running a website. This leads to website owners hiring a webmaster to do the job. At this point of time, small businesses need not do this anymore because there are tools that can assist with website management and administration. One of which is cPanel web hosting and control panel.


In managing a website, it’s not just the website itself that needs administering. The webmaster has to manage the different accounts and emails too. For a non-techy person, these tasks can be overwhelming but with the help of cPanel, website owners can save money and effort in website management.


cPanel as Website Management Software


In the market of website management software today, cPanel is ahead of the pack. It makes administrative tasks uncomplicated, easy and faster to complete. Basically, the webmaster is given complete control to modify and edit anything about the website and email accounts.


cPanel web administration tool enables the webmaster to create, delete and modify email accounts. The user-friendly interface allows you to create email accounts without going to the email service provider’s main website. It’s time-saving actually.


cPanel helps the webmaster install the blog or website. cPanel is extremely helpful for WordPress users because webmasters use this blogging platform to create their marketing blogs or personal blogs. You only need to install Fantastico De Luxe to be able to manage WordPress accounts through cPanel with ease.


cPanel takes on the most complicated administrative tasks as well. This is the part where a non-techy webmaster might just cave in. cPanel helps in changing passwords, uploading files, extracting zip files, creating domains, managing domains and creating directories. The panel can also create manual, automatic and schedule backups of the website. Moreover, cPanel is third-app friendly so you can install applications that will help you with SEO, web traffic analysis and such.


Most importantly, cPanel highly values the security of your server, website and accounts. It gives the webmaster control to server, site and account security. To be more exact, webmasters can change passwords regularly, locate broken links and download security fixes and updates to better protect your cPanel system.


A Click Away


What’s the secret why cPanel is the most preferred web management software for webmasters? It’s probably its easy to use and graphical interface. The home screen shows the icons that represent the tasks to be done. Just click on those icons and follow the procedure that appears on the screen and you’re on your way to getting things done.


The days of complex and complicated software are long gone. What people are looking for today are software that can help jobs and tasks become easier and that’s exactly what cPanel offers and providers webmasters around the world. With the features it offers, it’s very affordable at $1250 for a never-ending license. It’s basic and simple yet, it functions to manage and take on the most complicated web administration tasks.