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12/09/2011 – BuycPanel Affiliate Program

Posted by Jamison on 09 12 2011.

You have purchased your cPanel license and other addons through and you like the products, pricing, and service. You have already told many of your colleagues about and the benefits you have received. Wouldn’t it be great if you were paid for your endorsement of BuycPanel? Well, you can be paid by cPanel for promoting its products! While not really a payment for your endorsement, you can receive payment for promoting BuycPanel through its affiliate program, which is available to all of its clients.

How does the BuycPanel affiliate program work?

When you send traffic to through an affiliate link that contains your affiliate ID, you can earn five percent of the sale that result from this traffic. This traffic can come from a link on your website, blog, offline marketing, or a CAN-SPAM compliant email campaign.

How do you track your stats?

Each affiliate has access to a client area. Within this client area, you can track the number of visitors you have referred with your affiliate links. You can also track the number of signups, conversion rate, and your commissions.

What are the details of the BuycPanel affiliate program?

While we have presented a few of the benefits of the BuycPanel affiliate program, as well as how it works, we present a synopsis of the program here.

When you promote BuycPanel through links that contain your affiliate ID, and someone purchases licenses or services through BuycPanel, you will receive a five percent referral payment. Every product that is sold on the BuycPanel website is included.

Once the sale is made, your affiliate account is credited with the referral. There is a 45-day commission delay on referral sales, and there is also a $50 minimum payout amount for affiliates. It is also worth noting that you may refer your clients, or anyone else through your affiliate links, but your own purchases do not qualify for an affiliate commission.


Do I have to make my own banners?

No. BuycPanel has a huge selection of affiliate banners that are ready to embed with your affiliate links and place where you intend to promote BuycPanel.


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