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12/06/2013 – Solidify cPanel Security for Secure Web Hosting Services

Posted by Jamison on 06 12 2013.

Hosting a site requires that you only use a secure server or location. This is where you will host your files as well as customer sites. Hosting a site on an insecure server will bring about too many risks to the company. Important files and data can be lost and damaged, which may even contribute to a company’s bankruptcy. No one wants to come down to that so make sure you enhance your cPanel security and be assured of a secure server.


Configure Security


For data transfer security and communication, SSH is the internet protocol that is accessed by the client. You can configure SSH using commands. To improve security, you must change the default connection port. SSH connection port is 22 as default.


Change it by typing nano / etc / ssh / sshd_config then enter. Find # Port 22 then remove the # sign and change 22 with a number between 3000 and 7000. Press the CTRL key and X key then press Y and enter. This shall close and save the file. Enter SSHD restart to reboot SSH.


After the reboot, you must configure the security system and firewall that will block the user’s password IP in case there were five to seven attempts already. Use brute force to block the IP to prevent other people from discovering your password. Changing passwords regularly and making complicated ones should enhance your security too.


Configure Firewall


Configuring the firewall allows you to apply a security policy to prevent any falls or disruptions in the server. CPanel and WHM use the CSF. You can configure this according to your needs.


Rebuild Apache

It’s time to rebuild Apache and then install the required module to make it function properly and safely. To rebuild, go to Recompile Apache, Software then EasyApache and apply the options you want.


Monitor Server


You must be able to monitor your server, you can do this by installing a software like Apache and for checking network usage and processes. Server administrators will have an easier time monitoring the servers.


Update Server Software


For improving server security, it is very important to always update the server software and use the latest version. Outdated versions are at risk of security threats and often, are full of bugs and errors. The newer versions are always the most improved and secure ones. Never skip on updating software servers, this affects your security directly.


A Few Reminders


Sometimes, you may not notice that some of your actions may lead to a security threat to your server. For example, don’t give anyone access to your server unless that person should be given authority or is really trustworthy. Don’t give out your passwords. Change passwords regularly and use complicated passwords that are not related to your personal or work life. Use passwords with a combination of uppercase and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.


In order to enjoy a secure web hosting server, do these steps to enhance the security of your cPanel. But, mind you, don’t hesitate to talk to your web host about the security measures they are taking too.