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12/05/2013 – Should You Integrate Attracta to Your cPanel Control Panel?

Posted by Jamison on 05 12 2013.

cPanel, the control panel provider, launched the Attracta website for the main purpose of helping websites with SEO. It is mainly an SEO tool that can be easily integrated with cPanel and web host manager (WHM).


Attracta SEO tools are the first third-party application that has been packaged together with the cPanel web hosting control panel. But the question is, should you get it? How can it help your website or better yet, your site’s SEO?


Attracta Features


Integrating Attracta to your cPanel will allow you to check for Google’s Blacklist. The tool verifies that your site hasn’t been flagged due to the presence of viruses, malware or spyware. The blacklist is a list you’ll never want to be a part of as your site will no longer be included in Google’s search traffic. In short, Google’s Blacklist equates to ban. Millions of websites are not aware that they have been blacklisted already. With Attracta, it’s easy to find out.


Attracta helps your site get in Google. Its advanced crawlers create a detailed XML sitemap and then catalogs every link and page. This detailed and formatted XML sitemap is sent to Google, Ask, Yahoo and Bing directly. What does this mean for you? You are sure that your site is indexed in these search engines.


In SEO, link building is of primary importance. Building backlinks to other websites is crucial to bringing traffic to your site. Attracta, the free SEO tools features a Link Builder Tool that assists webmasters in building three backlinks to your website.


Using Attracta is simple and fast. The SEO tool gives webmasters easy access to the SEO services in the cPanel control panel. Top hosting companies have been using Attracta because they know that their customers can get in Google seamlessly and it helps with the Google Blacklist, making sure social networks are properly set up and building backlinks.


cPanel and Attracta Partnership


This partnership between Attracta and cPanel helps both companies. For cPanel, the company is able to provide its users with value add-ons, which helps retain its old customers and attracting new ones at the same time. For Attracta, this helps the company expand its market reach, thus, increasing revenues.


The successful integration will not only be for the benefit of these two companies, but it will open more opportunities for other companies to bundle with cPanel and WHM. This is another long-term advantage for cPanel users.


Webmasters are concerned with managing their websites but they are also concerned with their SEO. After all, one of the main goals of setting up a website is to drive or attract traffic to make sale conversions. And you can’t do that without proper SEO.


Although having a completely separate SEO plan is needed, using Attracta is a helpful tool to implement your plans. If you’re already using cPanel, there’s really no reason not to get the premium service if it will make life easier for you. Will it help your site’s SEO? Definitely.


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