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12/03/2013 – Traffic Analysis with cPanel!

Posted by Jamison on 03 12 2013.

Whether or not you’re integrating SEO on your marketing technique, the fact remains that tracking web traffic is important for your business. Right now, how are you tracking your website traffic? Do you even know where the traffic is coming from? Traffic analysis is helpful in growing your business and knowing the best ways to make revenue. Hence, ignoring traffic analysis is a no-no.


Google Analytics


To earn profits from your website, targeting quality traffic is a must. But how can you do this if you don’t know what kind of traffic is actually coming in or what links are bringing you the traffic you really want. SEO experts and internet marketers use Google Analytics to track website traffic. It is free and a helpful tool for marketers.


Google created this tool to help advertisers track traffic every time they post ads on Google. The problem in using this tool is that advertisers have to place a code on the webpage to get the results. Google then transfers the information to you but not all important information may be given to you. The thing is, the data given to you isn’t perfect. Google only uses a tracking script and image pixels to get the data.


Basically, what Google can provide you is an accurate data on the traffic trend but not really the accurate numbers. And in running a business, you need the actual numbers.


cPanel Website Traffic Analysis


While internet marketers simply rely on Google Analytics, webmasters should know better and use cPanel hosting and control panel instead. Webmasters aren’t a stranger to cPanel. It is undeniably the best shared web hosting service and web management tool today. And when it comes to getting your accurate answers and numbers, cPanel does the job and does it well.


cPanel web traffic analysis is free as long as you buy the cPanel license. The data provided directly comes from the server and transferred to the webmaster. There are no scripts or image pixels used here. Usually, your web host service provider will give you one or two web traffic analysis software. The most used are Webalizer and AWStats. These programs will come installed in your cPanel account.


Using cPanel is easy and using the web traffic tool is simple too. Just go to the cPanel account and find the icon of the program.  Click on it and the program will work its magic. After a few minutes, it will give you the analysis results you need. Best of all, you didn’t install any tracking code or pixels in your webpages. cPanel does this automatically; a very convenient option for webmasters indeed.


So, why hassle yourself and use Google Analytics when you can benefit from all the great features of cPanel hosting and the control panel. Learn about your traffic, where it’s coming from, what traffic is making conversions and just stop guessing. cPanel is an all-around web management tool and it will greatly assist webmasters in improving their websites both inside and out.