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12/01/2014 – How to Change the WordPress Site URL in cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 01 12 2014.

Blogs are particularly popular nowadays. People use it for their personal entries while some would use it for their business. Blog entries vary from informational to more intriguing ones. If you are particularly focused on boosting your business, you can use blogs as landing pad for success. It helps build awareness, drive site traffic, convey your business messaging, and reach more people. Blogs require significant attention and maintenance so you cannot just set up a blog and leave it to your audience. You need to find ways on how to boost it and how to make it move visible to your market.


Entrepreneurs invest on blogs as this gives them the ROI that they need


There are a lot of blog hosting and website cloud hosting providers available that you can choose from. Each provider has its own tools and apps that you need for your blog, however you should identify which ones your business needs. Which ones your business can use to thrive? Which ones are mostly important to your business growth?


Most bloggers use WordPress as this is considered to be a dependable web software that is used to create an efficient blog. This offers free services, thus, businesses get their value for money. It is a remarkable platform because you can take advantage of WordPress’ tools so you can get maximum mileage online.


The good thing about working with WordPress is that you can migrate your sites with your site. One of the highlights of migrating is changing your WordPress site URL. Some of you may experience missing your WordPress CSS stylesheet after moving your site. However, you should take note that migration can be a challenging task, but you simply have to follow the steps because the good thing about WordPress site migration and changing the URL of your site is a task that can be accomplished quickly.


Here are the steps in changing the WordPress Site URL in cPanel via phpMyAdmin


Using cPanel as your hosting provider and after you have migrated your WordPress site, you can already do the following:


  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Select ‘phpMyAdmin’
  3. Select your WordPress Database
  4. Select the ‘wp_options’ table
  5. Select ‘Edit’ next to the ‘siteurl’ field
  6. Enter your new WordPress URL, i.e. ‘’.
  7. Click ‘Go’ to apply the new site URL


Logging into your WordPress Site and Updating the URL


Now that your WordPress site URL has been changed, we can login to our /wp-admin/ section and update the ‘WordPress URL’ and ‘Blog URL’ respectively.


  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Section at the new site URL
  2. Select ‘Settings’ > ‘General’
  3. Enter the new site URL in ‘WordPress URL’
  4. Repeat the new site URL in ‘Blog URL’
  5. Select ‘Save’ to apply the changes


You can now start reviewing the Change and view your new WordPress site at the new site URL.