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1/17/2014 – Boost Customer Satisfaction Rate with Top Customer Support Addons

Posted by Jamison on 17 01 2014.

Countless online stores are found today offering their products to consumers. They invest on numerous website elements that make product selling easier for buyers. But aside from the e-commerce platform, any entrepreneur also invest on customer service.


Boosting customer satisfaction


Customers may have lots of questions prior to buying a product or after ordering. They may follow-up their orders or ask specific details about the offered items. In order to send questions and receive answers fast, they need an efficient customer service program to ensure their inquiries will be received and answered immediately.


Any entrepreneur knows that investing on effective customer service will increase their satisfaction rating and lead to loyal buyers. Fortunately, numerous customer service apps are available for e-commerce site owners today. The following are some of the highest rating platform used for customer service:




HESK is a free program running on PHP configurations and ensure effective helpdesk system for customers. It is a good program to use in creating web-based ticket support system for customers who may have questions about their orders or regarding other services. It will work immediately after installation and configuration and ready to entertain queries from customers. The platform is very easy to use and using it won’t be a problem for customers.




this open source program integrates both email and web form-sent inquiries. It has an easy to use interface that is easy to use for consumers and service providers managing the data. Support requests are easily saved, archived and managed as long as they are received via the system. Responses are also accounted for to ensure everything is well-documented for web admin’s reference. This made the whole process more organized and convenient for both customers and entrepreneurs.


Help Center Live


Similarly with osTicket, Help Center Live has open source program that ensure effective support system for customers. Even if the program is community driven due to its open source design, it offers enterprise-like support platform for customers, making it possible to improve their customer satisfaction rating. Live support is available and allows customers to receive sales support for their inquiries.


Open Web Messenger


Also one of the open source support programs, Open Web Messenger is programmed using MySQL and PHP. Person-to-person chat is available real time for effective customer support. The program is web-based, so it will be easy for customers to talk with a representative for inquiries.




This program is designed for small business owners and freelancers. It has a unique designed ideal for such business size to ensure effective customer service despite the size. It will run effectively and guarantee successful service. Clients will be impressed with how this program works for their own service needs due to its seamless performance.


Customer service is indeed a vital component when it comes to businesses. If you’ll look closely, a lot of people invest on effective customer support to guarantee effective services. This makes customers return and shop regularly, which will drive profit for their businesses in the long run.