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1/14/2014 – What Addons are Right for You?

Posted by Jamison on 14 01 2014.

As a website owner, developer or webhost, you know different websites will have different needs. Sometimes these needs call for additional features not found in the default cPanel. This is where cPanel add-ons enter the game. They can provide web developers of webhosts with tweaks, enhancements and even new services altogether.


Just what are you looking for your website or customers? Try looking over these currently available add-ons.


cPanel Forced Ads


Indifferent users are still potential customers. Are you ready to do anything to get their attention? If you are then you should have this add-on. cPanel Forced Ads does what it says and displays your ads on your web pages regardless of what settings your users may have on their browser. It loads the code before the users anti-ad code executes, even if the user hits a fatal error.


It’s also easy to install and works fast.




X-Cart is an open-source shopping cart software already in use by successful business owners around the world. It is optimized for over 20,000 products and hundreds of categories.


It comes with a lot of features and is also customizable. No need to worry about spending money paying for the license fee, it only kicks after your store goes live and starts selling.


RVSiteBuilder Pro


Don’t be fooled by its name, you need not be a pro to use RVSiteBuilder Pro. It’s really intended for starting web owners who want to build their own site. It boasts of an easy-to-use platform that otherwise has advanced features including a fully customizable template to work, WYSIWYG editor and lots more.


It is also being constantly improved and updated by its developers. The current build is at 5.2.




Installing programs necessary for your website can be a pain, especially if you are not particularly tech-savvy and technical instructions only confuse you more. Installatron makes installing any program pain-free. This software will let even the most inexperienced users install the most complicated programs.




Tired of managing all your different servers separately? This software can let you

Management and perform numerous administrative functions with all of your servers through one control panel.


Its features can let you management to create, edit, or delete accounts, allow or disallow IP access to the systems, add users and their privileges or remove them, modify email settings, and even manage cPanel and all its plugins, domains and subdomains.


ShopSite Ecommerce


Small and medium businesses site owners need not get an expensive ecommerce add-on software to be able to compete with the big businesses, they just need ShopSite Ecommerce.


This software boasts of features that are comprehensive yet easy enough for the not-so-tech savvy to understand.


It’s easy and fast to set up, you can have your store running in 15 minutes. They also have revenue plans for resellers for hosting providers.


There are many plugins and add-ons for cPanel to suit the many different needs of website owners and webhosts out there. Find the ones that are right for your website or your customers!