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11/30/2012 – Managing Reseller Accounts with cPanel/WHM

Posted by Jamison on 30 11 2012.

One of the major benefits of owning your own server is that you can sell a select number of reseller accounts. These resellers give you a distinct advantage in adding accounts to your server space that may otherwise go unused. Another advantage to selling reseller accounts is they support their own clients, which allows you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.


In order to manage your reseller accounts, you need special tools and cPanel makes those tools available in the Reseller section of WHM. We have listed a few of those tools here.


  • Change Ownership of an Account
  • Change Ownership of Multiple Accounts
  • Email All Resellers
  • Manage Reseller’s IP Delegation
  • Manage Reseller’s Main/Shared IP
  • Reseller Center
  • Reset Resellers
  • Show Reseller Accounts
  • View Usage/Stats and Manage


An important change worth noting is that the functionality of the Change Ownership of an Account has been moved to the Modify Account Properties.


Most of the above-mentioned features are fairly self-explanatory. However, there are a couple of features that we would like to address directly.


Managing the IPs that are delegated to your servers requires some attention to detail. Reseller accounts require even more attention due to IP addresses being assigned to clients by the reseller and not you or your staff.


Fortunately, cPanel/WHM makes it easy to assign your resellers an IP or a range of IPs. You can also specify an IP address the reseller can setup a shared account. Of course, you can also disallow your resellers from being able to use specific IPs. If you prefer, you can allow resellers to use any IP that is available. The choice and the flexibility are yours.


The capability to track your servers’ resources is important to your ability to maintain peak efficiency and profitability. Therefore, tracking your reseller’s use of their allocated resources is also an important function. From the View Usage/Stats and Manage section, you can track your resellers’ resource usage. You can also suspend, unsuspend, and terminate reseller accounts from this section.