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11/27/2013 – How cPanel Helps Small Business With Their Bottom Lines

Posted by Jamison on 27 11 2013.

In every business, there is a risk. Every day, small business owners make decisions for their company. Sometimes, minor decision can lead to huge consequences, which means that every decision should be well thought of and planned.


When putting up a business website, one of the major decisions to be made is the web hosting service to get. Your choice of web host will have a deep impact on your website and managing it. cPanel is a tool that webmasters around the world use. What is it? How can it help small businesses? How can it improve the bottom line of your business?


cPanel Application


cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel application. In simpler terms, it is a software that allows webmasters to fine tune and modify their site’s hosting environment. As mentioned, it is Linux-based meaning it can only run on a Linux operating system.


cPanel uses a different approach to web hosting management. It provides a more graphical interface when taking on different administrative operations. cPanel offers an easier approach to making backups, copying files, creating a domain, installing application and the likes.


The Cost of cPanel


Any business owner will be concerned about the cost of web hosting services. cPanel Inc. allows cPanel to be installed in a number of accounts that are specifically detailed by the webmaster. If you choose to get a cPanel hosting solution, you also get the right to use cPanel, the application.


As for the costs, in general, the license for cPanel shared hosting is cheaper compared to cPanel hosting for a dedicated server or a virtual private server (VPS). cPanel may seem more expensive compared to other web hosting services but the benefits are worth it. In addition, cPanel hosting services usually come with bundle packages, so you can get a few extra services like patching the OS or updating server software for the same price.


cPanel and Your Bottom Line


Small businesses run on a tight budget and they have limited resources (human and finances). How good is cPanel for a small business’ bottom line? This web hosting service and application will greatly cut down the expenses needed to run a website.


For one, small businesses usually skip on having an IT department. A tech-savvy employee can be turned into the company’s main technician, web master or even, network administrator. Or the company can opt to outsource these tasks, which is another more affordable solution.


But, there’s no need to get outsiders to do the job with cPanel hosting. Using cPanel eliminates the need to hire anyone because it is so simple to use that any ordinary employee with basic computer knowledge can do the job already. With the simplified graphical interface, anyone can tweak the site, install scripts, create subdomains, set up email accounts, create anti-spam solution and many more.


cPanel helps a small business’ bottom line because it empowers the employees, which results in creating revenue rather than expenses. Using cPanel turns amateurs into professionals while saving effort, time and money. cPanel is easy to learn, allows you to save up and enables business owners to do more with the limited resources their businesses have.