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11/26/2013 – Easy Website Modification and Editing with cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 26 11 2013.

Being a webmaster can really be a tough job without the right and efficient tools to work with. Many small business owners believe that they have to hire a tech-savvy webmaster just to make sure their website is always up and running. But today, this is no longer the case thanks to cPanel web hosting service and control panel.


cPanel web hosting service gives the user or webmaster complete control over a site. Any non-techy employee in the office can do the work; no need to hire highly experienced or qualified web developers. cPanel offers you the complete set of tools to modify, edit and manage a website with ease.


Account Management


One of the tedious things a webmaster has to do is to keep tabs on several accounts and types of accounts in a website. When you use cPanel web hosting, migration of these accounts to the VPS or dedicated server is inclusive of the service. Further, the web hosting service also assists you in managing email accounts, subdomains, mailing lists and different website accounts. You can tweak each account as deemed necessary.


Task Automation


cPanel’s task automation features makes every task easier for a webmaster. Managing a website is a pain but with cPanel, webmasters just have to click on icons to give them the information they need. They can adjust server bandwidth, manage different domains, monitor site statistics, administer databases, upload files and install scripts. Doing these separately is time-consuming; cPanel helps get tasks done quicker and efficiently.


Friendly User Interface


The friendly graphical user interface of cPanel is a big hit among newbie webmasters. Maintaining a website has never been this convenient. cPanel is feature-rich with each feature handling a specific site management or administrative task. In addition, the learning curve is so small that anyone can quickly understand the tasks needed to perform a complete website and database management.


Control Panel


The cPanel control panel is where everything you need to manage a site is found. This is where the webmaster can do easy modifications and edits on the website and different accounts. This is also where the File Manager is located. Think about the control panel of a computer, that’s what you get plus a whole lot more. To add, cPanel is capable of integrating third-party applications that will further help the webmaster.


However, don’t mistake cPanel’s simple interface with a cheap and unreliable website control panel. cPanel is widely preferred by majority of webmasters for a reason. It is highly dependable, stable, versatile and flexible. The simple user interface looks simple but it’s very powerful. The bottom line is, it gets the job done properly.


Small businesses prefer using cPanel because it is a low-cost solution to their web management needs. The cPanel never-expiring license costs only $1250 and you can literally use that for as long as your websites are up and running. Basically, that’s the only cost business owners have to pay because there’s no need to hire any other professional or train an employee to do the work.