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11/25/2013 – cPanel Web Hosting: Which Offer to Get?

Posted by Jamison on 25 11 2013.

In the web hosting industry, cPanel is the leader in control panels. Hosting companies offer cPanel hosting because they are confident in what the tool can offer users. However, different hosting companies offer different hosting packages and features. Before making a choice, you need to compare your options to make sure your money is invested right. Startup companies can’t afford making bad investments.


Hosting Space


Today, web hosting companies are very competitive when it comes to hosting space. Companies try to offer more hosting space to gain a lead on competitors. There are even some that offers unlimited hosting space. While the offer sounds good, it is best to determine how much space you actually need at the present and in the future. Paying more for extra space you won’t need is just a waste.




Bandwidth is expensive for hosting companies, which is why they limit it. But with the growth of the internet and lower software costs, bandwidth has become more affordable. Now, hosting companies can afford offering unlimited bandwidth, a huge advantage to make sure that your site’s bandwidth limit does not exceed anytime.




At first, startup business will only start with a single or a couple of domains. Eventually, your business will grow and you need to expand your website. Using the cPanel account, you can monitor several domains and websites. Usually, a shared hosting account will allow you to host five to ten sites at the most. But, there are companies that offer unlimited domains too.




With cPanel shared web hosting, you are going to use MySQL databases. Most often, companies don’t limit the number of databases you can use but it’s best that you ask the service provider to make sure. There are companies that still limit the number of databases to prevent server overload.




The number of files you can have on a single account really matters. Hosting companies have to limit their server resources to give each user a pleasant experience. When it comes to the number of files, there are hosting companies that offers 50,000 to 100,000 files. Talk to the service provider about this but 50,000 files is nothing to worry about. Most accounts won’t even reach 10,000 files.


Unlimited This, Unlimited That


For webmasters, it is wonderful to have unlimited space, bandwidth, domains and databases. There’s no issue with exceeding limits and trying to fit everything. But, you should also know that these servers don’t have unlimited resources. And even if you have an unlimited account, you may experience server problems especially in a shared server environment. With users taking advantage of the unlimited features, server overload is what will most likely happen.


Thousands of visitors will try to connect to the server and browse the different sites at the same time. This leads to poor loading time, which affects the visitor experience on your site. The best way to overcome such problems is to find a cPanel web hosting service provider that regulates their servers well. Unlimited features should be a premium for them, not a bargaining chip to get clients.