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11/21/2013 – cPanel Licenses: A Quick Guide

Posted by Jamison on 21 11 2013.


When it comes to web automation tools, the efficiency of cPanel and WHM cannot be ignored. It is for this reason that companies have been using this single easy interface to maintain and manage their websites. What makes cPanel and WHM special? What about the license, how to purchase it and what’s the cost?


cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel System


cPanel is fully featured and it gives webmasters total control over managing the website, domain and server. And with total control meaning each an every aspect of your site and server including email setup, backups, sub domains, error pages, FTP accounts, email accounts, passwords, redirects, parking and many more. By using this system, webmasters can provide a professional interface for better user experience to its clients and staff.


Web Host Manager


The WHM is part of cPanel that mainly focused on controlling accounts and domains that you’ve created for your own site or for clients. The WHM comes with a setting package that allows the webmaster to control parked domain, sub domain, bandwidth, space and add-on domain limits. Further, the webmaster can also create, hold and cease accounts.


cPanel Licensing


Both cPanel and WHM offer the combination of the best web hosting service and control panel that offers customers an exceptional hosting experience. What about the licensing?


The easiest way to get a cPanel license is to buy a dedicated server that comes with a pre-installed cPanel. This is the common offering of the most dedicated hosting companies out there. Usually, the licensing fee comes together with the cPanel dedicated server but there are companies that will price it separately. This way is by far the most inexpensive way to get your cPanel license and access the control panel.


If you already own dedicated servers, you can save money by just buying external licenses. That’s because you will only have to buy one license for each dedicated server that you have.


Now, if you have more than 10 dedicated servers, you can apply for partner NOC. This will give you benefits like price discounts. If you have 50 virtual dedicated servers, you can choose to purchase a never expiring cPanel license or go for time-limited licenses (can last one to three years).


A one year license for cPanel costs around $380 and this license comes with free support and upgrades. If you want to extend it to another year, you can pay an extra $380. However, if you want the three-year license, you can go for the $1050 package.


cPanel licenses are always worth the money. In this modern age, businesses need an updated website for their customers. And for small businesses that have limited resources, this is a small price to pay for a low-cost solution in getting full control of your website, server, accounts and domains.