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11/20/2013 – cPanel Hosting: The Advantages for Your Website

Posted by Jamison on 20 11 2013.

cPanel is a web hosting administration tool that enables the webmaster to make modifications easily. There’s no need to hire tech-savvy employees anymore, anyone can manage the site using the cPanel control panel. Small businesses are the ones that can benefit the most from using cPanel web hosting services.


Graphical Interface


The client interface of cPanel is graphical, vibrant and easy to navigate. The interface is icon-based, which makes for a very low learning curve. This colorful interface easily links the user to the important features of the control panel.


Single Interface


cPanel is powerful enough to manage a website and domain by simply using this single interface. Tasks involved like maintaining or running a website becomes very easy irregardless of the complex web design or experience level of the webmaster.


With this single interface, you, the webmaster can manage emails, create database backups, monitor disk space, fix error pages, access web directories and many more. You can also set spam filters if you see fit. Using the cPanel is very simple but if you get lost in the process, there are numerous tutorials online.


Secure and Stable


cPanel has undergone a lot of changes and improvements in the past years and this has paved the way for the hosting service to become more secure and stable. These are two qualities that customers are particularly looking for when it comes to a hosting service. cPanel is undeniably tough and offers high quality services. It will be a good foundation for a professional website.


Create Backups


Small businesses cannot afford to lose important data. Hence, the need to create backups regularly. The not-so tech-savvy webmaster might have a problem with this but not if he’s using cPanel. cPanel has a Backup Wizard that will assist webmasters to create automated or manual backups. Backing up can also be scheduled.


Supports Third-Party Apps


The ability of cPanel to support different third-party apps is something very attractive for customers. With cPanel, you can go for bundled packages with the third-party applications you need for your business. In the case that you need more applications, you can download them into your cPanel control panel anytime you please. As a webmaster with very little experience, you are just mouse clicks away from using third-party apps that will make life more convenient.


A few examples of what you can get are Attracta, an SEO tool that can help optimize your website and Spam Murderer, a mail filtering system to avoid spam.


As a small business owner, choosing your web host service provider is a critical decision to make. You can’t really spend a lot of money if you make a mistake with your choice. From the get-go, know how cPanel web hosting services can help you put your website on the online map and how you can manage the site with ease.


Just to add, cPanel is a low-cost solution as the single interface is enough to manage the site entirely. This lessens the need to fork out money and hire new people.