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11/19/2013 – cPanel Flexibility and Affordability

Posted by Jamison on 19 11 2013.

Webmasters don’t want to be burdened with the complexities of managing servers and websites. In this day and age, there should be programs that make everything easier. cPanel is one of those programs that is dedicated in providing the best user-experience for webmasters and this is why webmasters love it.


cPanel for dedicated server or VPS is definitely a favorite of webmasters all around the world for two main reasons: flexibility and affordability. cPanel features a highly intuitive interface that’s versatile and makes a website and server management easy to do.


Novice Webmasters Can Handle It


Small businesses that have limited resources can just assign any employee to become a webmaster using the cPanel control panel. As mentioned, the interface is intuitive as it is icon-based which means that the user can simply click on the icons. There’s an easy navigation, operation and control of the cPanel system. Novice webmasters enjoy quality web hosting without paying and working too much.


Personal Domain Hosting


cPanel is not just the control panel or web management tool, it is first the shared web hosting service that you have to get. Both these services make your website more visible on the web through the help of its personal domain hosting service. However, this service is only available if you choose to hire the service provider’s management team. They will handle uploading of articles and making changes in your website depending on your needs and demands.


Analytics Tool for Resellers


For resellers who are using cPanel on their websites, the software features analytic tools to organize and monitor the financial side of running a website and earning from it. For one, the user can monitor his ROI when reselling email accounts or domains. Any change in ownership can be handled by cPanel as well. Resellers can also use cPanel to terminate or suspend any domain or email account. Resellers use cPanel analytics tool to monitor usage, IP addresses and other statistics that assists in projecting the ROI.


The Right cPanel Web Hosting Service


cPanel offers affordable web hosting services for small and large business. More than that, companies also save money on professional website management and administration. However, business owners should be able to find the right web hosting service provider. Find one that provides high quality secure servers with 100 percent uptime. The company should be in the business for several years already and has a number of loyal clients.


The service provider should be flexible in offering you cPanel web hosting packages. They should listen to your business needs and help design the right package for you. Further, the quality of user support is another important thing to look into. Despite cPanel’s ease of use, novice webmasters may not know what to do when technical issues arise.


cPanel is on top of the list of the best web management tool in the market today. There is nothing like it out there. If you’re looking for a convenient, efficient, flexible, affordable and versatile control panel, cPanel is the perfect solution.