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11/18/2013 – cPanel Dedicated Servers: A Close Look

Posted by Jamison on 18 11 2013.

Small business owners who are thinking of launching a website needs to learn more about cPanel dedicated servers. Not many online entrepreneurs take the time to educate themselves about such servers, they just leave the decision making to their IT guys or the service provider. However, when it comes to running your own website, it’s best that you are hands on.


cPanel Dedicated Server System


cPanel web hosting comes with a web administration tool called cPanel control panel. Both the hosting service and control panel helps webmasters take full control of running their websites on a server of their choice. The cPanel system lets webmasters host data on the web through a dedicated server, a preferred choice for small businesses.


There are two main ways on how to use the cPanel dedicated server system. The first is using the Web Host Manager (WHM) that allows the webmaster to perform the necessary tasks with safety and ease. In short, a cPanel dedicated server helps with easy website administration.


The other way the panel dedicated server can help is through the administration of hosting accounts. Webmasters can manage and manually set up different types of accounts including subdomains, email and etc. cPanel isn’t complicated at all; it’s very easy to learn. As soon as a webmaster learns the ins and outs of the system, he will enjoy having the freedom and control of creating accounts, deleting them, filtering email accounts and the likes.


Choosing a Dedicated Server


Now that you know about what cPanel hosting and control panel is, you must learn more about the dedicated server to pick. There are several factors to consider when choosing a cPanel dedicated server. And here’s a list of what you should be looking into:


Determine the number of website you plan to host using the cPanel dedicated server. A dedicated server is capable of hosting numerous websites with each website having its own MySQL database and email address. It is also imperative to know how many websites you will host on the server because the more sites to host, the bigger the RAM, hard drive space and CPU power you will need.


Decide on what type of web hosting will you host. Running cPanel only needs minimum requirements. But, if you plan to put some forums, music, videos and application, you will need more memory, speed and space. The commonly used application-based support in cPanel are PHP, Apache, MySQL and BIND while email-based support apps include IMAP, POP3 and SMTP.


A Few Reminders


cPanel must be freshly installed; you can’t install it on a dedicated server that’s already used. If that’s the case, you have to format the server and re-install the operating system. When cPanel is already installed, it’s hard to be removed.


It is highly advised that you turn on your automatic cPanel updates to make sure the server is always updated and your cPanel downloads the latest security fixes. You should know that cPanel is a target of malicious security attacks so the best way to secure your server is to keep it updated at all times.