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11/17/2014 – Setting Up Your Nameserver DNS

Posted by Jamison on 17 11 2014.

You have seen small start-up businesses grow and boom into big ones, you have witnessed how thriving entrepreneurs made smart and poor investments, how some rose to the top, while some remained at the bottom. In an industry where competition is really tight and everyone is aggressive, you need to create and find your own niche. You need to make the smart strategies that will give you only the best ROI. One common thing successful entrepreneurs do is to seek for opportunities that will help them grow their business.


There are lot of opportunities that will empower you to reach a wider market, to ensure the growth of your business, and to expand your current reach. One of the most highly regarded investment that is being utilized nowadays is creating a website. A website makes everything about your business accessible. A new product, a new service, a special offer—everything can be communicated via the website.


cPanel promises the efficiency and convenience of website hosting. You can create a site without having to fear complicated scripts and highly technical tasks. You will surely get the value for the investment that you have chosen and you will be able to provide guaranteed customer service to your clients. cPanel offers the feature which is called the cPanel webhost manager which you can use to manage your files, access your inbox, view other weblogs, set up your name server domain name system, or even set a password security.


With cPanel’s WebHost Manager (WHM), you use your own domain name as a nameserver for websites your server hosts. To use your domain name, you have to set up a WHM Account for it first.


Begin the very simple process of setting up your nameserver DNS using cPanel/WHM


  1. Log in to WebHost Manager using rootfor your username and your server’s password at https://yourserverip:2087, whereyourserveripis your server’s IP address.
  2. Click DNS Functions.
  3. Click Edit DNS Zone.
  4. Select the domain name you want to use, and then click Edit.
  5. For the two rows with the menu displaying NS, edit the right-most columns to, respectively.
  6. In the Add New Entries Below this Linesection, do the following in the first row:
    • First field:Type ns1.
    • Second field:Type 14400.
    • Third field:Select A.
    • Fourth field:Enter your server’s IP address.

Then, in the second row, do the following:

  • First field:Type ns2.
  • Second field:Type 14400.
  • Third field:Select A.
  • Fourth field:Enter your server’s IP address.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Home, and then click Restart Services.
  3. Click DNS Server (BIND/NSD).
  4. Click Yesto restart the service. Allow a few minutes for the service to restart. DNS can take 24-48 hours to propagate once these changes have been made.


You now need to complete the following steps to use your domain name as a nameserver:


  • Register your own nameservers/Hostslets you use your domain name as a nameserver.
  • Set your nameservers for Your Domain Names. This uses your domain name as nameserver for a domain hosted on your server.