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11/13/2014 – Protecting Your Directories with Passwords

Posted by Jamison on 13 11 2014.

Every business has its own equity—a unique branding that is created to strengthen its positioning in the market. You see it in their logo, in their advertisements, in their products. Branding is also important in their websites as this serves as an effective door opener for their potential clients. If you are an entrepreneur, you know that you have to tailor fit your website in such a way that your market will appreciate every detail you put in there. You need to create a website that will allow you to communicate your messaging more efficiently and more effectively. A website should be able to bring in new customers and drive incremental results for your business.


Your website visitor should navigate through your site and click on the most important links. He should also make impulsive decisions such as availing of your service or purchasing your products, while enjoying your site’s apps and features, but without having to sacrifice your branding.


You also need to get a good hosting provider to help you build your site. Most recommended provider would be cPanel and working with this service provider can provide you with a wide selection of features and tools that you can use for your website. While you need to know about the processes and important apps to improve and maintain your site, you also need to creatively create updates and improve the overall look of your site. These may sound challenging for your part, however, with cPanel, you do not need to hire an expert to do all of these things. You can be on top of your business and website as cPanel gives you the convenience and ease of working with user-friendly commands.


Apart from the functionality and convenience that cPanel offers, you can also ensure the protection of your website with its security features. cPanel gives you the benefit of being able to maximize the selling and advertising opportunity of creating a website alongside the benefit of security of your site and of your databases.


cPanel allows you to limit the access to specific resources of your website by protecting the directories wherein they are stored with a password. Protecting your directories using a password will help guarantee security and safety of your files and other important information. You need to see the list of directories that are included in your account and create a password for each of the directory that you want to protect.


You simply have to input your username and password so you can access a folder or a range of folders from the web. This will be very useful when you want to protect certain parts of your site and limit access. Select the directory you want to restrict access to. In the new page, you have to create a username and password for your assigned directory. Choose a name that will appear in the login screen. You need to click on the Save button so you can already activate the desired protection.


Take note that protecting a folder also means protecting all folders within that folder. You need to create identify the users that will allow to have the access to the protected directory. You can also rename the password protected directory even though it has a different name with the actual directory.