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11/13/2013 – Uploading Files: cPanel or File Transfer Protocol

Posted by Jamison on 13 11 2013.

Webmasters using the cPanel web host services will have access to the control panel. The cPanel control panel comes with a variety of functions that webmasters can take advantage of including managing emails, managing subdomains, creating cPanel backups, monitoring website data and much more. But when it comes to uploading files to a website, are webmasters better of using cPanel of the age-old file transfer protocol (FTP)?


Ease of Transfer


If you want to do the age-old FTP uploads, you will have to install a program to your computer. This means that if you’re using a public computer, you can’t upload files to your website unless you install the same program there. Once installed, input the FTP address, username and passwords. From there, you will see the files you can add and edit.


On the other hand, using cPanel directly is a much easier approach. Simply open the web browser (cPanel is highly compatible with the most popular web browsers today) and log in to your cPanel account. Go to File Manager where you can upload, download and edit files. With cPanel uploads, you can upload files from any computer, which makes it more convenient too.


Heavy Files


When it comes to uploading heavy or large files, using FTP is a bit more efficient. When loading a web page, the HTTP protocol is used. This protocol means that small hypertext documents are being transferred. This also means that using HTTP protocol suits transferring smaller documents than large ones. Hence, uploading big files via cPanel (HTTP) will be less efficient especially if the server has a data cap.


On the other hand, FTP is better off when transferring large files because it doesn’t use any HTTP protocol. This method of file transfer simply exists for transferring files. Thus, it will take less time for large files to be uploaded into a website using FTP.


Number of Files


When uploading several files at the same time, it can be a matter of personal preference. When using FTP, you just have to open the folder in your computer and select several files you want to upload. After selecting, drag the files into the Remote Server tab and the upload will start.


When using cPanel, using the Browse button will only allow you to select each file manually but there is something else you can do. Zip the files and upload the archive, then extract the files with the cPanel file manager and you can upload multiple files already.


Sharing Users


Webmasters who want to share server access with other users are better off with creating FTP users in cPanel. Here, the webmaster can specify which area the user can have access to. The users will only need to input their usernames and passwords to gain access. However, do note that it is not possible to create several user accounts within the cPanel account via browser.


What’s the verdict? Using FTP and cPanel to upload files into your website are both beneficial and it will really depend on the files as well as the situation.