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11/12/2013 – cPanel & VPS Servers—What’s Up?

Posted by Jamison on 12 11 2013.

cPanel web hosting services can be in the form of dedicated or virtual private servers (VPS). There are website owners that prefer using the dedicated server because they have less server needs. On the other hand, for others, VPS is the best option to avoid inconsistent shared servers, which affects their website’s performance.


Virtual Private Servers


VPS are servers that are split into private virtual servers for the purpose of operating individually and freely from other servers. Business owners like VPS because it’s affordable and effective. There are two types of VPS hosting services.


The first is managed VPS. This type of hosting service is highly preferred by small and large commercial businesses because they don’t have to worry about any technical issues anymore. The service provider provides technical assistance regarding any technical issue that may arise from the server. This means the business owner need not hire someone to manage the VPS anymore.


The other type is unmanaged VPS. This type of hosting service is more preferred by large business users because it is more economical. With unmanaged VPS, the user gets control of server management and software installation. The user also gets to pick what type of control panel to use to manage the server and websites.


cPanel Web Management


cPanel control panel is one of the mostly used web management tool today and it comes with the cPanel shared web hosting service. This is the perfect tool for businesses who prefer running an unmanaged VPS. Experts say that for VPS, the most compatible control panel to use is cPanel because it provides convenience and a simple interface to manage the server easily.


cPanel VPS is gaining popularity not only for its convenience and highly user-friendly interface, but users like how easy it is to control the many functions just by clicking on the graphical menus and icons. Moreover, cPanel control panel for VPS is flexible and simplified any complex task or process involved when managing VPS servers.


cPanel VPS supports different operating systems and accommodates a variety of add-ons and third-party applications too. The server configuration can be easily modified and controlled. In using cPanel VPS server, the user is allowed to add servers and resources as much as they need.


cPanel VPS hosting is a common choice for businesses because it is affordable for any budget. The price is feasible and looking closely at what it can provide users with, it’s value for money. Managing virtual private servers and a number of them can cause headaches for an employee. But with cPanel, managing servers will be smooth sailing.


cPanel VPS hosting also comes with a high level of security to protect the business’ fragile data, accounts, business transactions and customer information. And in managing VPS servers, not worrying too much about security threats gives a sigh of relief.


Talk to your shared web hosting service provider about the other details of cPanel VPS. Be specific about your space, speed and bandwidth needs to ensure that you get the right server for your business.