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11/08/2013 – Backing Up Website with cPanel the Easy and Secure Way

Posted by Jamison on 08 11 2013.

Setting up a website is just a part of the battle a webmaster faces. Maintaining it and running it is what will test the fortitude of a webmaster. There are tons of things to think about like securing the server, configuring the firewall, using a web administration tool, SEO, creating cPanel backups and much more. Successfully running a website is no easy feat but it can be done if you just know how.


If you’re using cPanel, you already have an advantage. cPanel helps in creating backups easily and securely. Every webmaster puts a lot of work in building  website. All the hard work and effort can be gone in a snap with the absence of backups.


Websites can break down and crash anytime. It can be due to a server issue or an attacker trying to hack into your webmaster account. Either way, you should be able to create backups to save important data that you might lose forever. cPanel introduces an easy process for you to do this.


Backing Up with cPanel


Those who are using a Linux server are in luck as they can utilize a cPanel web hosting account. Using cPanel web hosting allows the webmaster to create automatic and manual backups for the websites and domains.


There are two ways that you can create backups using cPanel. The first one is to use the Backup Wizard feature. The wizard guides you every step of the way. Locate the Backup Wizard in the cPanel homepage and then click on it. A three-step method will appear and will ask you if you want to create a full or partial backup. With this method, all you have to do is follow the steps and you can create a backup securely. This is often the most preferred method as it is easy and fast.


The second method is the detailed backup solution, a bit more complicated than the previous one. If you know your way in your website, this is a more preferred backup solution because you can pick parts to create a backup for. This backup method will show you the different parts of your website that can be backed up like home directory, MySQL database, email settings and etc.


You are allowed to download backups for each part or if you prefer, create a backup that includes all the parts you’ve chosen. In addition, you can schedule automated backups for the different parts of your website. You can create the backup schedule by going to the cPanel web hosting account.


Your cPanel web hosting account doesn’t just help with modifying or tweaking your website, it also helps get the most important jobs done. The importance of creating a regular backup can’t be reiterated enough. Just imagine waking up one day and your website has crashed and you can’t find any piece of data to bring it back up. That’s when you’ll realize that backups are more than necessary. But, you wouldn’t want to wait for this to happen now, would you?