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11/07/2014 – Learning your Domains Section

Posted by Jamison on 07 11 2014.

Every entrepreneur needs a success formula. While there is no one formula that works for all businesses, there would still be common factors that contribute to the business’s success. One of these factors is the business’ ability to cope with the market’s changing needs and with the changing scope of the business. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs only use traditional form of media and advertising to inform customers and potential clients. Today, businesses have significantly improved its landscape by utilizing tools and other digital platforms that available in the market.


Creating a website is one of the most effective ways on how to tap a potential market and how to ensure that the customer base is still captured. Most of the businesses have already ventured to digital platforms and avenues to ensure that they are still relevant in the market.


The most popular choice of entrepreneurs is cPanel. This is a web hosting and service provider that can give you a variety of features you can utilize for your business.  You will be able to create your email accounts, manage your files and web pages, back up your data to ensure your site’s security, install web based applications, protect your site and directories with password and from unauthorized bandwidth access. You can also view your statistics’ site traffic and your important statistics. These features and tools make cPanel your top player in the market. You get all the benefits of accessibility, security, convenience, and efficiency.


The good thing about cPanel is that you can maximize the opportunity and make the most out of your website or blog with cPanel if you know the basic and advanced features and how to apply them in your own site.


One of the features of cPanel is that it allows you to manage your domains, parked domains, and add on domains through the Domains section. If you want to protect your domain ID, you can also choose this feature. You can also buy a domain name transfer, change your account’s primary domain name, register a new name, or manage the DNS configuration of your domains.


The Add on domain enables you to add add on domains to your account. An add on domain will allow you to reach a domain when entering the name of the add on domain into a browser, which enables you to host additional domains in your account.


With Addon Domains you can host multiple different domains with different website content, all under the same disk space and bandwidth of one cPanel.


Here is how you create a second domain name with its own website.


Login to your cPanel and click Addon Domains, under Domains. There are three fields cPanel asks for when creating an Addon Domain.


  1. New Domain Name. Enter the new, but do not put http or www in the name.
  2. Username/directory/subdomain Name. This will be the folder cPanel creates in your public_html folder.
  3. Password.  This password is used for an FTP account which is automatically created by cPanel.


Your new domain will be successfully added. You can upload the website files to the specific addon folder which was created in the public_html folder.