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11/07/2013 – WHMXtra: Knowing the File Repair Utility Feature

Posted by Jamison on 07 11 2013.

WHMXtra is known for being a famous add on integrated with cPanel and servers. It is among the most commended additions in these systems because of its offered feature in terms of maintenance and other processes.


One of the things that many newer cPanel users don’t know is that this add on has numerous utilities or functionality that would surely benefit its users. It has the File Repair Utility, a feature that user find beneficial in the process of using cPanel and server maintenance.


File Repair Utility


It’s common for many applications to have utility tools. If the program works as a maintenance tool for the server or computer, these utilities will work in maintain the program itself. Of course, some programs have the tendency to show inconsistencies within the system, regardless of how perfect the application is.


In some cases, utilities are used to fix inconsistencies that occurred in related files to the program. This is the case in File Repair Utility. It helps in fixing server files that caused to be inaccessible after some time. The utility will fix problems on broken or corrupted files within the server.


Fixing broken or corrupted files with this utility


Most of the time, people think corrupted files are beyond salvation and will just completely ruin their systems. However, this is not the case when it comes to cPanel. Corruption or being broken often occurs with files ending with .conf and .ini extension or format. The truth is these files are not totally corrupted. They have probably experienced some configuration problems in the process of saving the file. a common example is when files are saved in other format aside from Linux like in the case of PC files. Or in cases, some configuration changes cause the file to be broken and inaccessible for users. This is where File Repair Utility comes in.


File Repair Utility has an interface where you can place the location of the known broken or corrupted file. Once you placed the location of the file, click Launch and it will continue with the repair process. Wait until you see the notification with a green check icon indicating that the file you entered has been fixed. From there, you should not have any problems in fixing these files.


The benefit of using the utility


No matter how expert an individual is when it comes to fixing server files or configuring the overall system, it would still take some time to fix the solution in a manual way. How much more if the user is still a novice cPanel user? Everyone will benefit from a little help from this utility. This system is automatic in repairing broken files and will save users a lot of time figuring the problem as well as appropriate fixes.


File Repair Utility is just one of the utility tools that come with WHMXtra. Now that you know about this tool, you will find it a helping hand as you go through server management, which also contributes to hassle-free business procedures.


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