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11/06/2013 – WHMSonic Development Kit for API Connection and Script

Posted by Jamison on 06 11 2013.

A platform or operating system is made easier to use with its interface. However, the truth is platforms like cPanel and its add ons are built from codes as programmed by professionals in the field. Aside from the program’s general build, other components like APIs are also necessary in order to control several applications like in the case of WHMSonic.


API and developers


Developers, above all, are the individuals who are concerned about API since they are required to run website or server programs to run appropriately. Programs available for cPanel already have their own APIs that work specifically for their functionality. Nevertheless, several developers wish to customize APIs, which is possible with WHMSonic, a plugin used for automating radios or playlist without problems. So, if you plan to develop custom scripts or plugin through WHMSonic development kit, you may want to know the following information to help you as you go through your project.


Understanding API Connection


Just like other cPanel add ons, WHMSonic has its API that is responsible in controlling and managing radios on the page. However, API Connection makes it possible to be controlled by custom scripts or another billing software even if it’s outside the main program. Hence, making use of API Connection to deal with these procedures even outside the program can be highly beneficial, especially if there would be customized scripts.


Offered functionalities


API Connection has several functionalities that you can use in the process of managing these radio functions. Primary functions include creating, checking for status, suspending and unsuspending processes, and terminating functions. Radios can be active or suspended depending on the process required by its users and custom scripts make it possible for everyone to manage their radios without problems. The development kit allows you to set its functionality accordingly and find it beneficial in the long run.


Version v2.1 API


Version v2.1 API is the upgraded solution that offers new functionality for users. This edition possesses the hosting mp3 upload limit set or as required by WHMSonic and higher versions for external radios. Keep in mind that requirements for cPanel add ons may change as it upgrades its features. In order to run the scripts accordingly, every customized options should follow a certain command and meet requirements as set in the new version. This is why reading the document that comes with the development kit is also essential for every developer.


Another important function is getting the radio’s status as embedded in the system. A radio can be active or suspended given the command, however, several users wish to verify its function, especially if developers want to fix some functionality in the overall system. With this functionality, you will have the chance to maximize the use of your WHMSonic and find it useful for your cPanel system.


WHMSonic development kit for API Connection is now available for you if you are a developer who wishes to use the system. Find its functionality at its finest by getting the latest WHMSonic version together with the development kit and its guide.


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