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11/05/2013 – Web Hosting 101: An Introduction

Posted by Jamison on 05 11 2013.

Countless businesses today operate towards success through websites’ aid. Reaching out to a broader market is now possible since more consumers search online for service providers or product dealers. Hence, it emphasized how owning a website promotes market competitiveness in today’s modern world.


The growing population of website owners resulted to the significance of understanding the concept of web hosting and its nature. Professionals from cPanel like Mario Rodriguez inform everyone about the industry as a backgrounder for everyone who plans to enter the online industry as a webhost provider or a site owner.


Digging back to the collection of podcasts found at cPanel’s page, it has an earlier podcast about the webhosting industry. Read on the following details as introduced by cPanel expert.


Web hosting and analogy


One of the good things about this podcast is how Rodriguez gave an analogy of webhosting in an easy to comprehend way. According to him, servers are like bookshelves, where in the whole structure is the disk hardware employed for hosting. The books kept in the shelf represent the webhost service obtained by clients. Therefore, a client’s server is one of the books stored in the box.


From this analogy, Rodriguez continued to describe different types of hosting services available for clients looking forward to build their own websites.


Types of webhosts available for clients


The cPanel expert pointed out that various webhosting options are available for clients who have different needs. For example, new website owners can start using free webhosting services. As it’s available at no cost, they will share it with other website owners while receiving other disadvantages that may affect their respective businesses like security or server inconsistencies.


When a business starts to expand, it will require better webhosting services that meet its demands. Choosing a virtual private server or VPS is the next option if your business reached this state. At this point, you will have your own server running on a virtual environment. Virtual private servers mean that you still don’t own the primary hardware but you will have a specific allocated space for your server in a hardware but without affecting its overall performance and security.


Finally, investing on a dedicated server is an key move for companies that already attained high status in the market. Dedicated servers are offered for entrepreneurs where they will get the entire hardware for their companies’ sole use. It implies that the entire disk space and resources are only allocated for one company.


Resellers as a way to earn money


Many webhost clients find the benefit of entering the same industry by being host providers themselves. They become resellers and provide services to their own clients. Various reseller deals are available from service providers and they are able to offer the best services with the help of cPanel and other add ons available with their services.


These are just of a short overview of webhosting industry for everyone who plans to build a website or be resellers. Experts offer these as pointers if you plan to challenge the online world through this investment that meets your needs.