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11/04/2013 – Learning RAID Dedicated Servers

Posted by Jamison on 04 11 2013.

Clients have different needs when it comes to services. However, the only fact that remains constant is their needs continue to escalate as they decide to compete in the market or their niche. With the demands, more companies look for dedicated servers for their network needs, especially if they are fully expanded businesses.


But in today’s modern world, more companies demand better resources as they have more files to use for their page or more websites to support. They still find dedicated servers’ features to be insufficient to meet their demands. This is where RAID dedicated servers come in.


RAID dedicated servers are remarkably expensive and you may want to understand what it means and if you actually need the service. Here are some details that introduce this server option.


The concept of RAID


RAID refers to Redundant Array of Independent Disks. I in RAID may also stand for Inexpensive. This concept has been popular in the world of technology and computers as a revolutionary way of making several hard drives work together without problems. RAID enables you to use two or more drives but detected as one, collective drive unit. This solution allows people to enjoy the benefit of larger disk space and backup or mirrors for file safety.


While this technology is widely used for computers, you will also find dedicated server providers who have RAID servers offered for clients these days. They offer a lot of benefits that will be useful for high-end business and website owners.


What makes RAID possible in merging disks?


Plugging all you hard drives or servers on the motherboard won’t give you fully integrated hard drive. No matter how many drives you plugin, it won’t show you a single drive incorporating all the disks that you placed. RAID works with the help of a RAID controller device.


RAID controller is an accessory that will be used to ‘bridge’ or connect the number of hard drives to use for your server or hard drive. Once placed, the entire group of drives will then be detected as a single drive working together.


The benefits of RAID dedicated servers


RAID has numerous benefits for clients like the following:


  • Increased disk capacity space. Many companies wish increased disk space due to all the websites or files they kept. With RAID, companies will have their dream capacity and keep their system’s operation running at their finest.
  • Enhanced performance. Performance is also boosted with the amount of new space integrated with the system.
  • Backup files are ready. Backing up files is also possible with RAID as the other the disk serves as the place where you mirror your files.
  • More service providers offering the service. Setting up RAID on servers is now easy with the number of service providers extending this service for everyone who needs it.


RAID is a known new feature high-end clients’ need for their servers. However, be reminded that the price can be quite expensive and may not be suitable for starting business owners. Shop for the finest service provider and see how much it will benefit your company and business operation.