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1/09/2014 – The Difference Between Cloud and cPanel Hosting

Posted by Jamison on 09 01 2014.

Choosing the method of hosting for your website is one of the first and most important decisions you have to make. Are you still not sure what to pick between cPanel and cloud hosting? Here are a few things to consider.


Cloud hosting


Cloud hosting is when a network of computers is used to run computing operations, as opposed to just one machine handling all the work. So what are the things that you should expect from such a setup?


  • Reliability. As your website will be hosted from multiple servers, there is no risk of failure. Should any of the machines bog down, others can readily take over its operations.
  • Scalability. Since the operation is based on multiple machines, such a system can accommodate a huge number of clients without downtime.
  • Cost effective. Since the cost of running the server is no long with the website owner, you no longer have to worry about its maintenance.
  • Limited UI. The User Interface for the hosting panel is usually more limited, depending on the provider. This is because different providers have different considerations when it comes to what features to prioritize.
  • Limited tech support. Some cloud service providers do provide this, however some of the biggest ones out there usually don’t. In fact, for some of them it’s part of company policy not to reply to queries or requests for tech support.


cPanel hosting


This is currently the most widely-used choice for web-hosting by individuals and big, medium and small companies. So, what can you expect from cPanel hosting?


  • A feature-rich UI. The hosting company was practically built around this web-hosting program, so you can be sure the cPanel control panel has more features and add-ons.
  • Email Management. Other hosting providers offer you multiple email accounts that can be hard to juggle, however cPanel allows you to assign domains to all your email accounts. You will also have defenses against spam and junk mail.
  • Better site data. An entire cPanel function is built around site information. There you can see how many visitors your site has had and how many of them are unique; you can also see how your site ranks, among other statistics. This is especially important when you want to know how your site is doing.
  • Easier back-up options. The cPanel program itself assures you can regularly back up site content, email, images and other data so you will not lose these if case of crashes, hack attacks or other such incidents.
  • Site Maintenance. Getting cPanel hosting ensures you will have a dedicated team to help you with any trouble you might be having, including site troubleshooting and even data migration.


Unlike the cloud system, with cPanel hosting only one server is doing all the workload. With a single server system, there is always a risk of system failure. However, it is also safe to assume a company venturing into this business will ensure this will not happen in the first place, or if it does that it has a team and plans in place to ensure minimal disruption.