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1/08/2014 – The Basics of cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 08 01 2014.

So, you’re a newbie to cPanel? Well, we all have to start from somewhere. Don’t worry, you are not alone. With cPanel the most used web building and webhosting tool today, every day there’s always someone using it for the first time.


Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by those new to cPanel and their answers


How to access WHM


If you just bought your domain name and the DNS has not yet propagated, you can access the WHM interface in your browser with the following URL:




However, if your domain name has propagated, you can try either of the following URLs:



After you’re connected, you might get a notice saying the connection is untrusted or something like that. Don’t worry, this is normal. Your browser should then give you the option to “Add an Exception” or “Bypass the Error” for this URL.


After you have added the exception, you have to enter a username and password. For WHM, your username will always be “root” (no quotations marks) and the password is the one you chose when your bought the VPS.


After successfully logging in you should be taken to WHM’s main menu.


How to access cPanel


If your domain name has not yet propagated, use this URL:




However, if your domain already has a name, use:



2083 is the port for cPanel.


How to create a cPanel domain account


Log in to WHM and go to the “Account Functions” on the left hand side menu then click on Create New Account.


There are six sections: Domain Information, Package, Settings, Reseller Settings, DNS Settings, and Mail Routing Settings. However, you will only deal with Domain Information.


Type in your domain name in the first box. Just the name, no “www” or anything else.


Type in a username. Lower-case letters and numbers are accepted, but it cannot begin with a number.


Type in your password. Type the email address the domain will be using. Notices about the account from WHM will be sent to this address.


Scroll down to the Create button and click it. View your new account by going to the “Account Information” in the left hand side menu and click on “List Accounts”.


How to create a new FTP account


Go to the Files section and click on FTP Accounts. Type the desired FTP user, password and the directory that the user will have access to.


If the directory is left blank you will have access to the entire public_html directory. You can also set a quota that limits the space of the user. After finishing, click “Create”.


How to preview a domain in cPanel or WHM


Go to “Security Center” in WHM and click on Apache mod_userdir Tweak. Then uncheck Enable mod_userdir Protection and click “Save”.


You can now preview your domain by going to the following URL:




YourIPAddress should be written in the XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX format while the username is your domain’s cPanel username.


With frequent use you can get better and better with using cPanel. The benefits will pay off for you or your customers in the long run.