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1/06/2014 – Managing Your cPanel Software

Posted by Jamison on 06 01 2014.

Your software is an essential part of your website, make sure it is managed properly. What better way to do this then with the software/services feature of cPanel?


cPanel is the best web creation and webhosting tool available today, what functions does it have to help you manage your software?


CGI Center


It stands for Common Gateway Interface. This feature allows you to create scripts and generate the PHP or HTML code for those scripts and enter these codes into a website.


This feature has some basic scripts you can follow, including one for a clock and another for a countdown feature.


Its functions include a Simple CGI Wrapper and a Random HTML generator.


Perl Modules


Perl modules are software written in the Perl programming language. Perl is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that borrows features from other programming languages including C, shell scripting, AWK and sed.


This feature will let you write scripts in Perl and also detect scripts written in Perl,

View available Perl modules, search available Perl modules, Install Perl modules and manage and Perl modules you have.


Note that you need to install a Perl module before you can use it. However, there are already certain Perl modules that come pre-installed with cPanel.


Site Software


This is the feature that lets you install and manage cPanel add-ons. Just click on a link to install an add-on. Each add-on will provide a link to its official website where documentation and other data can be found. Add-ons can be downloaded or purchased separately.


PHP PEAR Package


Just like the Perl Modules feature, this one will let you manage, search for and install software written in the PEAR programming language. PEAR, which stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository is a repository of PHP software code.


PHP Configuration


This feature is to be used in conjunction with the PHP Pear packages, it lets you see specific information about your server’s PHP configuration. Note that no changes can be made from here.


Optimize Website


Optimizing can greatly improve the performance of any website. This feature can let you compress certain some files or content in your site.  However, there are warnings to using this feature; one of these is not to compress image files anymore because these are already compressed.


Also, this feature may not be available to all users. You may have to contact your webhost provider if you do not have this and he will enable mod_deflate for the Optimize Website option to show up in your cPanel interface.


Ruby on Rails


Also called just Rails, this is an open-source web application framework which runs on the Ruby programming language. It has a routing system that is independent of the web server and can let users create pages and applications that gather information from the web server.


Ruby Gems


This feature is the package manager for the Ruby programming language. Just like the above programming language management programs, it lets you use, find, install and modify software based on Rub programming language.


Software management has come a long way. Keep up with the latest and best way to manage the lifeblood of your website. Use cPanel’s software/services features.