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1/03/2013 – Making the Most Out of cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 03 01 2014.

cPanel has a host of features to make sure you can run your website the way it should be managed. However, what about from your end? How do you make sure you are making the most out of cPanel?


Keep track of your site information


cPanel has a lot of features that can help you keep track of the information that is relevant to your website.


How many visitors do you have? cPanel not just keep track of how many hits your site has had, but also divides that data by month, week and day. It can also tell what servers they were using, what IP address and what countries they are from.


How much bandwidth are you using? Keeping track of your data transfer is making sure your site runs smoothly. You can have this data in daily or monthly reports. Data will be displayed into six categories; HTTP for web traffic, POP3 for receiving email, IMAP also for receiving email, FTP for file transfers and SMTP for sending email.


Are you getting errors? One way to know how “healthy” your site is the number of error messages it generates. cPanel’s error log will keep track of the last 300 error messages, if any.


Secure your site


Keep unwanted or abusive IP addresses, users, leechers and unscrupulous characters out; cPanel has a lot of features to secure your website.


Password functions protect unauthorized users from accessing restricted parts of your website. And, yes, you can de-authorize abusive users permanently if you want to as well.


Encryption key functions protect against those trying to steal your data. It does not matter if its sensitive information about your clients or credit card information. It will be safe.


There are also those trying to hijack your bandwidth and slow your site down, cPanel has hotlinking protection to take care of that so your site content will always be your own.


Manage your domains


With the many things to do nowadays, it’s important to be able to make domain fast and easy. cPanel will let you easily open new account, manage them and terminate those you don’t need anymore.


Expired domains will not only confuse your dedicated users, they will also make you look bad. cPanel will let you be able to connect from old, expired domains to your new one. You can also put up parked domains to point your users in the right direction.


Manage your mail


These days managing mail really translates to keeping spam and dangerous email out of your inbox. cPanel has many means to filter mail, so no matter how good they are disguised, they will never get to your inbox. Never to the right inbox, anyway.


If you are also too busy to reply to senders, but still want to make sure they get something from you, cPanel has functions that make sure they will not be ignored.


A good domain and hosting tool like cPanel can only take you so far in terms of website management. Make sure you are also using its various features to the fullest.